Listing Committee censures Zhang Jing Zhi…and Jiang An Ping, both ex-Sound Global (0967)
SEHK, 3-May-2018
Once again, HKEX is unable to reach former directors of a listed company to co-operate with an investigation. HKEX's regulatory function should be transferred to the SFC, which co-operates with the CSRC.
Listing Committee censures Mr Wang Kai, ex-ED of Sound Global (0967)
SEHK, 25-Oct-2017
For failing to co-operate with an investigation.
Sound Global (0967) accidentally loses financial documents
Company announcement, 19-Jun-2017
How unfortunate. The company says an accident occurred when the documents were being transported to a new file storage facility. The company has been under investigation and suspended by the SFC since Apr-2016. A similar thing happened to China Animal Healthcare (0940) on 4-Dec-2015, while it was suspended and under forensic investigation. A truck loaded with 4 years of financial documents was stolen while the driver was on his lunch break.
SFC directs suspension of Sound Global (0967)
Company announcement, 13-Apr-2016
This is very unusual and comes less than 3 months after the Stock Exchange allowed trading to resume. The last time the SFC suspended a stock was China High Precision Automation (0591) on 22-Aug-2012, which remains suspended for unknown reasons. The SFC should explain why, or require the company to do so.
Sound Global (0967): Deloitte quits as auditor over "scope of governance response"
Company announcement, 22-Jul-2015
And HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng takes over.
Sound Global (0967): RMB2bn shortfall was "earnest money"
Company announcement, 24-Jun-2015
And they earnestly expect us to believe that the Chairman's private company paid the cash it took to unnamed "sellers" of two potential acquisitions, and has now returned it and arranged its own funding.
Sound Global (0967): RMB2bn shortfall in cash balances at 31-Dec-2014
Company announcement, 29-Apr-2015
Sound Global (0967) suspended, results delayed indefinitely
Company announcement, 16-Mar-2015
SFC criticises Mr Wen Yibo for breach of Takeovers Code
SFC, 4-Dec-2014
Sound Global (0967): controller pledges 3.9%-7.2% to Far Eastern International Bank
Company announcement, 3-Sep-2013
Sound Global (0967): controller pledges 22.3% to CCB for US$50m loan
Company announcement, 5-Jul-2013
Singapore Listing Rules provide better disclosure than HK, where pledges are not required to be disclosed.

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