Wong, Jill Tze Ling 黃紫玲

HKICPA bans Nigel Wong Kong Yiu for 5 years
HKICPA, 12-Jul-2017
His firm's name was "N K Co. CPA Limited", not "Nigel Wong CPA Limited" as the reasons state.
HKICPA fines Leslie Cheng Chi Pang and his firm over Luxey (8041) 2009 audit
HKICPA, 8-Jan-2016
Luxey was the first and only HK-listed audit client of Leslie Cheng & Co. The case was referred by the Financial Reporting Council which has yet to publish the report of its Audit Investigation Board dated 8-Aug-2013. Mr Cheng is an INED or NED of 6 listed companies. He was the Engagement Quality Control Reviewer in this audit. The engagement partner, Wong Wing Hong, was convicted in 2012 of defrauding Toys R Us and on 5-Dec-2013, HKICPA removed him for 6 months for that.
HKICPA fines Lui King Man HK$50k
HKICPA, 5-Nov-2015
Mr Lui is also an INED and Chairman of the Audit Committee of APT Satellite (1045) which has so far (14-Nov-2015) failed to make any announcement regarding the sanction and whether they still regard him as fit and proper for those roles. HKICPA also took 45 days to announce the sanction.
HKICPA bans Chau Li Shan, former Moulin accounting manager for 2 years
HKICPA, 27-Nov-2014
Ms Chau testified under immunity at the criminal trial of directors. This case serves as a warning to qualified accountants working at listed companies - you cannot turn a blind eye to fraud and claim that you were just acting under orders, and you have a positive obligation to blow the whistle, first to management or non-executive directors, and if they don't act, then to authorities directly, such as the SFC or police.
HKICPA disciplines Mr Wong Wing Hong for fraud at Toys R Us
HKICPA, 20-Dec-2013
Mr Wilson Chung Wai Shun banned for 6 monthsReasons
HKICPA, 18-Sep-2013
...and the question is, who is Reggie? One of the Disciplinary Committee is named "Mr" Wong Tze Ling - that should be Ms.

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