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HKICPA permanently removes Deborah Annells, convicted thief and fraudster
HKICPA, 5-Mar-2019
Comment: The findings were made on 13-Feb-2018 and the sanctions determined on 15-Nov-2018 but only now announced. A right of appeal does not justify keeping these secret. The HKICPA lacks the transparency expected of a regulator. The committee criticises the HKICPA for failing to simplify matters by amending its case on the basis of Ms Annells' convictions, and for sloppy bundles.
HKICPA fines Leslie Cheng Chi Pang and his firm over Luxey (8041) 2009 audit
HKICPA, 8-Jan-2016
Luxey was the first and only HK-listed audit client of Leslie Cheng & Co. The case was referred by the Financial Reporting Council which has yet to publish the report of its Audit Investigation Board dated 8-Aug-2013. Mr Cheng is an INED or NED of 6 listed companies. He was the Engagement Quality Control Reviewer in this audit. The engagement partner, Wong Wing Hong, was convicted in 2012 of defrauding Toys R Us and on 5-Dec-2013, HKICPA removed him for 6 months for that.
HKICPA fines Wong Yat Fai and Ernst & Young
HKICPA, 27-Jun-2014
Rather pathetic fines of HK$35k for Wong and HK$50k for E&Y, plus costs of HK$550k. The unnamed listed company was Global Trend Intelligent Technologies Ltd, which was delisted on 10-Mar-2005 after the fraudulent IPO.
HKICPA disciplines Mr Cheung Kam SingReasons
HKICPA, 11-Jun-2013
Disciplinary action against two CPAsReasons
HKICPA, 10-May-2013
And the lesson is: if you are going to promote services you shouldn't be offering, then don't send the promotions to your regulator!
Parker Randall's HK track record
We reveal the censored names in yesterday's HKICPA announcement, and look at the awful losses experienced by investors in the HK-listed audit clients of Parker Randall CF (H.K.) CPA Ltd. (27-Oct-2012)

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