Patten, Christopher Francis

House of Lords debate on HKTranscript
House of Lords, 24-Oct-2019
A report of the 2019 HK protests
Asian Affairs, 14-Oct-2019
Mr Purbrick, a former Detective Senior Inspector of the HK Police, is now Director of Security and Integrity at The Hong Kong Jockey Club. This article was referenced by former Governor Lord Patten in the House of Lords debate on 24-Oct-2019.
Chris Patten testimony to Parliament, nearly 30 years after the joint declaration (TV)
UK Parliament, 4-Nov-2014
Patten: The HK government must listen to its people
Project Syndicate, 3-Oct-2014
Our take on this: Patten is calling for a new round of consultation and report to Beijing, not one that merely narrows down the "counterfeit start" delivered by the NPC Standing Committee. He says: "The Hong Kong authorities have gravely miscalculated the views of their citizens. Like the bad courtiers against whom Confucius warned, they went to Beijing and told the emperor what they thought he wanted to hear, not what the situation really was in the city. They must think again.

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