Du, Jun (SFC:ADM104) 杜軍

SFC recovers HK$23m for investors from restoration orders against insider dealer Du Jun
SFC, 18-Aug-2015
Restoration order against former banker Du Jun finalised
SFC, 14-Jan-2014
SFC orders Du Jun to pay HK$23.9m to some investors
SFC, 12-Dec-2013
This is the first restoration order for insider dealing. We question the fairness of the allocation though. 297 sellers whose orders just happened to be matched with his, during an 11-week period in which he bought 26.7m shares, will get about $0.90 per share - even though some of them may have been net buyers during the period. The whole market was unaware of the good news, and anyone who sold shares during that period, when volume was 1844m shares, but not to Mr Du, gets nothing. That turns the payout into a lottery with about a 1 in 69 chance of success.
SFC bans Du Jun forever
SFC, 4-Mar-2013
Former Morgan Stanley banker throws in his criminal towel
SFC, 2-Jan-2013
Court varies interim injunction in SFC’s action against Du Jun
SFC, 5-Oct-2012
Court of Appeal upholds Du Jun’s insider dealing convictions
SFC, 20-Sep-2012
HKSAR v Du Jun
HK Court of Appeal, 20-Sep-2012
SFC v Du Jun (previously "A")
HK Court of First Instance, 12-Apr-2010
Reading between the lines, if you sold shares in CITIC Resources (1205) between 15-Feb-07 and 30-Apr-07, then file a complaint with the SFC, which is seeking a court order that alleged insider dealer Du Jun should compensate anyone from whom he purchased shares while in possession of positive inside information, during that period. You might get some money back.
Man sentenced for insider dealing
HK Police, 18-Sep-2009
Comment: the Police claim that "the Police investigation revealed" the insider dealing - whereas the SFC acknowledge the Police's support in arresting Mr Du when he returned to HK "after the SFC completed the investigation". We think the Police are taking too much credit.
Ex-Morgan Stanley banker jailed for 7 years for insider dealing
SFC, 18-Sep-2009
Former Morgan Stanley investment banker guilty of insider dealing
SFC, 10-Sep-2009
SFC v Du Jun (previously "A")
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Dec-2008
Du Jun's insider dealing case transferred to District Court
SFC, 5-Sep-2008
Former investment banker Mr Du Jun arrested and charged with insider dealing
SFC, 11-Jul-2008
Court dismisses challenge to SFC
SFC, 18-Jan-2008
SFC obtains injunction in insider dealing investigation
SFC, 18-Dec-2007
Court dismisses another challenge to SFC investigation
SFC, 18-Dec-2007
Court of First Instance affirms SFC’s power to audio record investigation interviews
SFC, 2-Nov-2007
"A" v SFC
HK Court of First Instance, 17-Oct-2007

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