Chow, Dorothy Lai Fung 周麗鳳

MMT rejects SFC application to vary investigation costs order in Fujikon case
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 26-Aug-2019
MMT decision on SFC investigation costs of Fujikon and its directors
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 31-May-2019
The MMT reduces the SFC's claim from HK$412,637 to an order nisi of HK$100,000.
MMT fines Fujikon (0927), its CEO and CFO HK$1.5m for late disclosure of inside informationMMT report, 22-May-2019
SFC, 12-Apr-2019
This endorsed settlement between the SFC and the defendants is unfair to outside shareholders because they will indirectly bear the cost of fines and expenses charged to the company for wrong-doing against the shareholders, namely the failure by the directors to cause the company to publish information on time. If the D&O insurance policy doesn't cover it, then we call on the offending directors to reimburse the company in full. Webb-site founder David Webb is a 10% shareholder of Fujikon.
SFC commences MMT proceedings against Fujikon (0927), Chairman and ED
SFC, 10-Apr-2018

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