Lam, Kevin Sze Cay 林詩棋

HKICPA bans Li Sau Ying for 3 years
HKICPA, 27-Apr-2022
She issued modified audit reports, including a disclaimer of opinion, "in a deliberate attempt to avoid performing the necessary audit work". In 2019, she admitted the complaints, then in 2020 she withdrew her admission, then she appealed to the Court of Appeal against this order, and her appeal was dismissed in March 2022.
HKICPA fines HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng Ltd, Yu Chi Fat & Shek Lui HK$60k
HKICPA, 2-Aug-2019
The 2013 accounts of China Creative Digital Entertainment (8078) stuffed an investment loss below the line, in comprehensive income, rather than running the impairment through profit and loss, thereby understating the loss for the year.
HKICPA fines Ernst & Young, Kwok Chee Tack and Kevin Wong Kam Man over duff audits and reports in 1997-2002
HKICPA, 24-Aug-2018
16 years after the ICAC arrested various directors of Yue Fung, Gold Wo and Fu Cheong (all since delisted), the auditors finally get slapped on the wrists with fines of HK$100k to HK$400k, having admitted the complaints against them. E&Y and Kwok Chee Tack was also fined in 2015 over the audits of another fraud, Akai, for 1997-1999.
Lam Kin Choi fined and banned for 12 months
HKICPA, 3-May-2018
Poon Ming Pui fined HK$10k
HKICPA, 15-Dec-2015
This is a follow-on from an SFC action.

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