Dalby, Liane Susannah

‘Baby sleep consultant’ row a rude awakening for city
South China Morning Post, 30-Apr-2017
The article neglects to mention that Ms Dalby pleaded guilty to credit card fraud in 2014 and received a 12 months jail sentence, suspended for 24 months. According to the Reasons for Sentence in DCCC 246/2014, she also had a shoplifting conviction in 2013. Associations in any profession always call for statutory licensing schemes as a way of creating a cartel and reducing competition. The Government should resist. Voluntary certification schemes are sufficient in this case.
HKSAR v Liane Susannah Dalby
HK District Court, 12-Jun-2014
Ms Dalby is sentenced to 12 months jail, suspended for 24 months, for credit card fraud, to which she pleaded guilty.

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