Tu, Bing (HKMA:AC8129) 涂冰

Judge orders confiscation of HK$1.46m bribes from Tu Bing, ex-UBS.
ICAC, 20-Aug-2019
SFC bans Ex-UBS associate director Tu Bing for life
SFC, 5-Aug-2019
Ex-UBS associate director Tu Bing gets 3.5 years for HK$1.46m briberyReasons for sentence (Chinese)
ICAC, 16-Nov-2017
Ex-UBS associate director Tu Bing convicted of HK$1.46m briberyReasons for verdict (Chinese)
ICAC, 27-Oct-2017
The ICAC describes UBS AG Hong Kong Branch as a "foreign" investment bank. We're not sure what point they are trying to make. By the same token HSBC could be described as "foreign" as it is incorporated in the UK with a head office in London. Tu Bing was convicted for fleecing a Shenzhen-based asset management customer for 20% of his trading gains.
Ex-associate director of UBS charged with HK$1.5m bribery
ICAC, 29-Mar-2017
He is alleged to have charged a personal 20% performance fee without his employer's consent

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