Li, Richard Tzar Kai 李澤楷

Silence loud on police raids over PCCW's failed privatisation
South China Morning Post, 11-Mar-2010
Police raid Richard Li home over PCCW bid
South China Morning Post, 20-Feb-2010
Official: Richard Li doesn't control PCCW
The Government-appointed Broadcasting Authority says that Richard Li doesn't control PCCW - who knew? This exposes a huge loophole in the law on cross-media ownership, which can be avoided simply by passing your shareholdings into a trust. We call on the Government to either scrap the law, which is outdated in the internet age, or close the loophole by amending it. (2-Jun-2008)
The Undergraduate
So the truth is out, and Richard Li has admitted that he did not graduate from Stanford, contrary to claims previously made in PCCW biographies and the group web site. In admitting this, the company took pains to emphasise that the claim was not made "in public disclosures filed by the Company in accordance with applicable legal requirements". That's true, as far as it goes... but can reveal that the degree claim has been made in both the US and Singapore in legal filings of documents for which Richard Li was responsible - read on. (23-Mar-2001)

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