Poll: Chief Executive odds

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Current time: 2024-04-18 05:47:12
Closing time: 2012-03-23 18:00:00
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Help us take the pulse of HK. All you have to do is estimate the probability of each candidate being elected, as a percentage between 0 and 100 inclusive. Your answers should add up to 100. Please change your bet as often as you can as events unfold. Remember, except for the last question, we want to know the chance of each person winning, not whom you want to win.


1. What is the probability of Henry Tang Ying Yen being the next CE?

2. What is the probability of Leung Chun Ying being the next CE?

3. What is the probability of Albert Ho Chun Yan being the next CE?

4. What is the probability of someone else being the next CE?

5. Of the nominated candidates, whom would you vote for?

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