Freedom and the future of China: Webb's talk at HKU on 30-Oct-2018 (video)Text of speech
YouTube, 29-Nov-2018
Freedom and the future of China
This is the text of a High Table dinner speech delivered by Webb-site founder David Webb to the students of Chi Sun College, University of Hong Kong, this evening. Hyperlinks have been added. (30-Oct-2018)
HKU technical manager gets 12 months for misconduct and fraud
ICAC, 27-Apr-2018
HKU technical manager guilty of misconduct and fraud
ICAC, 9-Apr-2018
HKSARG "shocked" over Benny Tai's remarks in TaiwanGrant Report
HK Government, 30-Mar-2018
They are so easily trolled. We are "shocked" that HKSARG interferes in Prof Tai's academic independence and that it has failed to implement the Grant Report's recommendations on HKU's governance to give it…greater independence. OK we are not shocked by that. Unsurprised and disappointed.
HKU technical manager charged with misconduct and fraud
ICAC, 22-Aug-2017
King Arthur's midnight coronation as Chairman of HKU Council
HK Government, 31-Dec-2015
The Government announcement was posted at 00:32 (or 00:30 in Chinese). In a world-class city, councils of universities would elect their own chair.
University of HK v HK Commercial Broadcasting & another
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Nov-2015
Johannes Chan would 'divide' HKU says Council member in new leaked tape
HK Free Press, 8-Nov-2015
HKU gets court gag order on Commercial Radio
Media release, 30-Oct-2015
Rather naughtily, HKU does not mention whether this is an ex parte order, obtained without hearing the other side's arguments. We would guess that it is. Come on Council, address the real issue - HKU is a publicly funded statutory body and your minutes should be public, as your member Edward Chen Kwan Yiu suggested today.
More leaked audio reveals HKU Councillor’s criticism of pro-democracy scholar.
HK Free Press, 30-Oct-2015
In her day job, Leonie Ki Man Fung is an Executive Director of New World Development Co Ltd (0017).
Leaked tape emerges of HKU Council meeting at centre of academic freedom controversy.
HK Free Press, 28-Oct-2015
Ex-surgery head of HKU sentenced for misconduct and false accounting
ICAC, 19-Apr-2012
Ex-surgery head of HKU guilty of misconduct and false accounting
ICAC, 13-Mar-2012
Retired judges name-dropped
HK Standard, 8-Feb-2012
Former HKU surgery chief denies fraud
HK Standard, 18-Jan-2012
Former medical dean struck off for doctoring the books
HK Standard, 14-Jul-2011
Medical Council bans Dr Lam Shiu Kum for 9 months
Medical Council of HK, 13-Jul-2011
Ex-surgery head of HKU charged with misconduct and false accounting
ICAC, 28-Jun-2011
The subordinate referred to was June Chan Sau-hung, who was jailed for 22 months in 2010 for misconduct in public office.
HKSAR v Terence Joseph Shortall
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Jun-2010
"I therefore regard these convictions as neither safe nor satisfactory. Accordingly the appeal is allowed and the Appellant's convictions are quashed."
Ex-HKU staff jailed for corporate credit card spree
ICAC, 26-May-2010
Ex-HKU staff admits corporate credit card spree
ICAC, 5-May-2010
Ex-HKU staff charged with misconduct and pocketing over HK$3m of goods and cash
ICAC, 4-Dec-2009
Professor jailed for indecent assault
HK Standard, 4-Sep-2009
Ex-Dean of HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine gets 25 months' jail
ICAC, 3-Sep-2009
Top doc siphoned HK$3.8m
HK Standard, 2-Sep-2009
Ex-Dean of HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine pleads guilty to misconduct in public office
ICAC, 1-Sep-2009
Student claims indecent assault as she sought advice
HK Standard, 20-Aug-2009
Henry Fan takes leave as Treasurer of University of Hong Kong
Company media release, 28-Oct-2008
Ex-Dean of HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine charged with fraud, misconduct and theft
ICAC, 23-May-2008
John Ho Hung Chiu & Linda Koo Chih Ling v University of Hong Kong
HK Court of Appeal, 19-Jul-1996
Steven Cheung Ng Sheong v Eastweek Publisher Ltd & another
HK Court of Appeal, 20-Oct-1995
Plagiarism case returns to court for review
Times Higher Education, 5-May-1995

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