Sinofortune Financial Holdings Limited 華億金控集團有限公司

HKICPA fines Francis Cheng Hong Cheung, Gabriel Chan Shek Chi and Cheng & Cheng Ltd
HKICPA, 20-May-2022
For bad work on the 2014 audit of Sinofortune Financial (8123). This is the 4th fine in 3 years for the firm and the 2nd in a year for Mr Chan.
HKICPA bans Richard Yin Yingneng for 2 years
HKICPA, 2-May-2019
Amazingly, it was only 18 months after the SFC's announcement of the Court's findings that the HKICPA "became aware" of the wrong-doing by its members, including Kenny Lee Yiu Sun. There appears to be some sort of communications failure between the 2 regulators.
HKICPA bans Kenny Lee Yiu Sun for 3 years
HKICPA, 8-Aug-2018
Court disqualifies former Chairmen, CEO of First China Financial Network (8123)
SFC, 2-Oct-2015
SFC v Richard Yin Yingneng & others
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Sep-2015
Court orders directors of First China Financial (8123) to compensate company RMB18.69mJudgment
SFC, 19-Jan-2015
SFC v Richard Yin Yingneng & others
HK Court of First Instance, 16-Jan-2015
Four jailed for HK$323k bribery over trading securities
ICAC, 23-Jul-2013
Four guilty of HK$323k bribery over trading in securities
ICAC, 5-Jul-2013
SFC seeks court orders against directors of First China Financial (8123)
SFC, 12-Nov-2012
First China Financial (8123) and directors served with SFC petition
Company announcement, 9-Nov-2012
Four charged with HK$328k bribery over trading in securities
ICAC, 6-Sep-2012
First China Financial (8123): clarification, possible breach of Listing Rules
Company announcement, 16-Dec-2008
SFC suspends Mr So Kwan Ming for 18 months, reprimands Luen Fat Securities Co Ltd & Mr Yue Wai Keung
SFC, 1-Sep-2000
Cheerful Securities inquiry result; reprimand of Mr Chee Jing Yin & Mr Lee Yiu Sun
SFC, 25-Jun-1999

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