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Raking muck, Part 5
In the penultimate episode, we look at a transaction in progress by Railsmedia (0745) and how it connects with CPEC (8041), COMG (0254) and 3 shells. We also introduce a 10th listed company to the story, Zhi Cheng (8130) which has such a track record of value destruction that it has consolidated its shares by 200,000 to 1 since 2007. (11-Mar-2012)
Zhi Cheng (8130) buys 100m shares (2.30%) of HKBLA (0145) @$0.15 from Excel Return Enterprises Ltd
Company announcement, 11-Jul-2011
The vendor's owner is not disclosed.
Zhi Cheng (8130) buys Unique Smart Group Ltd from Mr Wong Sin Lai for HK$33m
Company announcement, 4-Apr-2011
Xing Lin Medical (8130) buys Activepart Ltd from Mr Mak Siu Lun for HK$32m
Company announcement, 18-Feb-2011
The target has no tangible assets but for 5 years it will receive 50% of the net profit (if any) of Asia Wireless Media Ltd in respect of the sale of rechargeable stored value SIM cards in Asia, in return for "consultancy and advisory services". The announcement fails to say who will provide such services, or who Mr Mak is, or what role he plays in all this.
Golife Concepts (8172) buys Creative Formula Ltd from Brilliant Arts (8130) for HK$8.2m
Company announcement, 8-Oct-2009
Brilliant Arts (8130) buys Sunny Chance Ltd for up to HK$1,500mCircular
Company announcement, 9-Jul-2009
The vendor was owned 36% by Mr Richard Lum Chor Wah, 36% by Ms Tan Ting Ting and 28% by Mr Sin Chun Shing.
China Star Entertainment (0326) sells Classic Statue Ltd to Glenstone Investments LtdCircular
Company announcement, 15-May-2008
Glenstone is 60% owned by Tiffany Chen Ming Yin and 40% owned by her husband Charles Heung Wah Keung. CSL owns 29.9% of Riche Multi-Media (0764), 8.68% of Brilliant Arts Multi-Media (8130) and a convertible bond issued by the latter.
China Star Entertainment (0326) subscribes HK$22.5m for CB in Milkyway Image (8130) via Classic Statue Ltd
Company announcement, 15-Mar-2007

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