Chinese Strategic (8089) subscribes HK$43.2m convertible note in HKBLA (0145)HKBLA announcement
Company announcement, 7-Feb-2014
Zhi Cheng (8130) buys 100m shares (2.30%) of HKBLA (0145) @$0.15 from Excel Return Enterprises Ltd
Company announcement, 11-Jul-2011
The vendor's owner is not disclosed.
Hong Kong Building and Demolition
HKBLA (0145) has been a perennial cash shell. After 3 takeovers, its foundations now appear to be under threat as its cash pile gets depleted on dubious transactions, including investment in Byford and an "earnest deposit". It appears to have become part of a network which includes at least 9 other listed companies. (10-Dec-2009)
Value Divergence, part 2
What's going on at Value Convergence (0821)? We list the placees in the convertible bond issue, which has been delayed, and analyse their connections to a network of other companies we have written about before. Is VC joining that network? We also look at the massive dilution that awaits shareholders of China Fortune (0290). (10-Dec-2009)
HKBLA (0145) buys 4.97% of Byford (8272) "in the open market" on 30-Nov-09
Company announcement, 1-Dec-2009

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