NUR Holdings (0254) discloses who is behind shell subscriber
Company announcement, 29-Oct-2014
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to SEHK earlier today.
China Outdoor Media (0254) sniffs coke, changes name, dishonours chairman
Company announcement, 4-Dec-2013
Raking muck, Part 6
Concluding our hexalogy, we look at a recent deal by COMG (0254). Existing shareholders were diluted to 2.54% in an acquisition valued at HK$1242m for a business which would need capital of HK$3.6m. We estimate that the vendor has already cashed in about $1812m by selling convertible bonds and shares. We also look at what comes next for COMG, and some unfinished business for the authorities. (11-Mar-2012)
Raking muck, Part 5
In the penultimate episode, we look at a transaction in progress by Railsmedia (0745) and how it connects with CPEC (8041), COMG (0254) and 3 shells. We also introduce a 10th listed company to the story, Zhi Cheng (8130) which has such a track record of value destruction that it has consolidated its shares by 200,000 to 1 since 2007. (11-Mar-2012)
Raking muck, Part 3
We now connect Joseph Lau to Executive Talent, and focus on a series of dubious transactions by Hycomm and the bubble in its stock while it did the coal mine hokey cokey, from which bubble Joseph Lau has profited hugely. We also look at the creation of Inno-Tech and the youngest infant mortality on GEM, Codebank. (5-Mar-2012)
Raking muck, Part 2
Continuing our series, we look at a set of over-priced acquisitions and questionable transactions by China Post e-Commerce and others, building a matrix which demonstrates the close connections between the persons involved. We call on the SFC to investigate. (27-Feb-2012)
Raking muck, Part 1
In the first of a multi-part series, we delve into a transaction by the HK offshoot of Xinhua, the PRC's official news agency, and the people behind it. (21-Feb-2012)
China Outdoor Media proposes removal of Ng Yan as EDResults of meeting
Company announcement, 17-Oct-2011
The proposal passed without objection.
Tsun Yip (8356) buys 17% of China New Media (HK) Co Ltd from Vicky Yu Wai Yin
Company announcement, 29-Jul-2011
For HK$70.04m of which $25m in cash and $45.04m in promissory notes. This follows the earlier purchase of 19% by Inno-Tech (0254) and the purchase 3 days ago of 7% by China Railsmedia (0745). The target is 51% owned by China Outdoor Media (8202). Its valuation is still claimed at $412m despite being loss-making and having negative net assets of $1m.
China Railsmedia (0745) buys 7% of China New Media (HK) Co Ltd from Vicky Yu Wai Yin
Company announcement, 26-Jul-2011
For HK$28.8m, of which $13m in cash and $15.8m in promissory note.
Inno-Tech (8202) buys 19% of China New Media (HK) Co Ltd from Vicky Yu Wai YinCircular
Company announcement, 18-Feb-2011
For HK$78m, half in cash, half in convertible bonds. The target is 51% owned by China Outdoor Media (0254), is loss-making, and has net liabilities of $0.7m but is valued at $412m.
Minda Consultancy Ltd v China Outdoor Media Group Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Sep-2010
China Outdoor Media (0254) grants 64m 2-year warrants to Ms So Ka Yan
Company announcement, 19-Feb-2010
The warrants are issued for just HK$0.003125 or $200k in total, exercisable at $0.16. She also subscribes $9.8m of 4% 2-year bonds convertible into 61.25m shares at $0.16. We know nothing about Ms So.
China Outdoor Media buys GMG Media Group Ltd from Jiang Qi Hang for HK$1242mCircular
Company announcement, 28-Dec-2009
Of which HK$13m in 100m shares @$0.13 (34.3% discount) and HK$1229m in 0% convertible bonds convertible @$0.13. The target had net liabilities of $9,000 at 31-Dec-2009. The PRC Company was set up on 11-Apr-2008 and had net assets of HK$1.93m at 31-Dec-2009 and 1 employee. Neither has commenced business.
China Post E-Commerce (8041) buys 40% of iKanTV Ltd from Win Today Ltd
Company announcement, 25-Sep-2009
For HK$77m in shares @$0.55. The announcement fails to disclose who owns the vendor, but subsequent shareholding filings show that it was 100% owned by Vicky Yu Wai Yin. The target is a loss-making startup with net liabilities of $4.26m and prior to this was 51% owned by China Outdoor Media (0254), which is in the process of selling 4% to the Company.
China Post E-Commerce (8041) buys 4% of iKanTV Ltd from China Outdoor Media (0254) for $9.2mChina Outdoor Media announcement
Company announcement, 27-Aug-2009
The controlling shareholder of the buyer is also a 24.23% shareholder and CEO of the vendor, but it is not a connected transaction for the buyer under the Listing Rules because he owns less than 30% of the vendor so it is not his "associate". It is an exempt connected transaction for the vendor because it is less than HK$10m. Another deal in the same announcement, to buy 40% from another vendor, was terminated the next day.
China Outdoor Media (0254) issues 150m and 60m warrants to Mr Kwok Ming Fai & Mr Huang Gui Dong respectively
Company announcement, 6-May-2009
We note that Mr Huang's company, Target Smart Ltd, was the purchaser in a major disposal by China Outdoor Media on 26-Nov-2008, when it sold First Union Ltd, which owned a property in Inner Mongolia, on 1-year payment terms. At the time, the owners of Target Smart Ltd (in the plural) were not disclosed.
iKanTV Ltd, subsidiary of China Outdoor Media (0254) agrees exclusive advertising agency rights with Info-Source Media Ltd
Company announcement, 13-Jan-2009
This relates to advertising on LCD displays in the Guangdong Postal Bureau outlets.
China Outdoor Media (0254) sells Inner Mongolia property to Target Smart Ltd
Company announcement, 1-Dec-2008
COMG doesn't say who owns Target Smart. It books a loss of HK$14.4m on the sale, which is priced 18% below valuation.
eCyberChina buys L & L Partners' Ltd for up to HK$240m from Johnny Lo Chun Chung & spouseCircular
Company announcement, 15-Apr-2008
Of this, $40m is satisfied by 50m new shares on completion, and the balance of $200m is contingent on meeting a target EBITDA and to be satisfied with 200m shares and $40m of convertible bonds.
eCyberChina (0254) shares resumes trading after 4 years
Company announcement, 5-Oct-2007
After the 30:1 open offer to recapitalise the company, there are 4 placees arranged by the underwriter, who are said to be mutually independent and have no intention to join the board. 29.53% goes to Joseph Lau Chi Yuen, 11.25% to "Vicky Yu", 9.99% to "Frankie Ma" and 4.97% to Wu Ka Cheung, a total of 55.74%. Mr Lau joined the board as CEO 53 days later.
Censure of Company, Mr Li Zhao, Mr Lo Lap Ho and Mr Lu Liang and Criticism of Mr Thomson Lee, Mr Chen Wei, Mr Tsang Kar Tong, Mr Ng Yan and Mr Tao Wei Ming
SEHK, 22-Nov-2005
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 2-Feb-2004
Breach of Listing Agreement and Companies Ordinance
Company announcement, 15-Dec-2003
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 1-Apr-2003
Breach of Listing Agreement and Companies Ordinance
Company announcement, 28-Feb-2003
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 2-Jan-2003
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 20-Nov-2002
Pass the Portal
We'll show you how an architect set up a dysfunctional shipping web site with HK$0.39m of capital and sold 49% of it to Can Do Holdings for HK$78.4m (US$10m) - and now Can Do is trying to pass it on to eCyberChina. (25-Aug-2002)
Censure of the company, Dr Meng Xiaosu, Mr Dominic Cheng Ka On, Mr Thomson Lee and Mr Li Zhao
SEHK, 25-Jul-2002
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 30-Oct-2001
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 30-Mar-2001
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 19-Feb-2001
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 27-Dec-2000
Report of Insider Dealing Tribunal (abridged)
IDT, 24-Jun-1994

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