Chairman pledges controlling stake in IBO Tech (2708) to China Fortune (0290)
Webb-site can reveal that Mr Lai Tse Ming has pledged his 55.8% stake for a HK$155m loan from a money-lender, something that neither he nor IBO Tech has disclosed. (8-Feb-2019)
Some bubbles for New Year
With the exchange shut for 2014, we take a close look at two bubbles and the other listed companies surrounding them. (31-Dec-2014)
Value Convergence (0821) lends HK$57m to Kaiser Asset Management Ltd
Company announcement, 11-Aug-2011
The announcement does not say where the borrower is incorporated, but no such company is incorporated in HK. It may be an offshore company not carrying on business here. The owner of the borrower is not disclosed.
Hong Kong Building and Demolition
HKBLA (0145) has been a perennial cash shell. After 3 takeovers, its foundations now appear to be under threat as its cash pile gets depleted on dubious transactions, including investment in Byford and an "earnest deposit". It appears to have become part of a network which includes at least 9 other listed companies. (10-Dec-2009)
Value Divergence, part 2
What's going on at Value Convergence (0821)? We list the placees in the convertible bond issue, which has been delayed, and analyse their connections to a network of other companies we have written about before. Is VC joining that network? We also look at the massive dilution that awaits shareholders of China Fortune (0290). (10-Dec-2009)
Value Divergence
We look at the strange events at Value Convergence (0821) where Melco (0200) is selling its controlling stake at $1.92 before a massive dilutive CB issue at $1.00, a third of which is going to China Fortune (0290). Shareholders should vote against the bond issue, and bond subscribers and their associates should be prohibited from voting any shares they hold. (21-Sep-2009)
SFC reprimands and fines VC Capital Ltd HK$1.5m
SFC, 27-Jul-2009
SFC suspends Ms Miranda Hui Chi Cheung for 4 months
SFC, 9-Apr-2009
HKSAR v Earnest Leung Chi Wah & Yung Ka Tim
HK Court of Appeal, 14-Jan-2009
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
HKSAR v Earnest Leung Chi Wah & Yung Ka Tim
HK Court of Appeal, 23-Oct-2008
Fugitive boss gets 39 months' jail
HK Standard, 16-Aug-2007
Ex-Chairman (still on the run) sentenced to 39 months in jail for corruption over share placements
ICAC, 15-Aug-2007
Duo jailed for graft over Semtech share placements
ICAC, 25-Jul-2007
Ex-chairman convicted, jumps bail
ICAC, 24-Jul-2007
SFC bans Peter Wong Wei Yin for life
SFC, 17-Nov-2006
Mr Ngai Leung Wai fined for misleading the SFC
SFC, 11-May-2006
SFC prosecutes Peter Wong Wei Yin for market manipulation and misleading the SFC
SFC, 26-Apr-2006
SFC bans Mr Adrian Wong Tak Yuen for 3 years for facilitating unlicensed dealing activities
SFC, 20-Feb-2006
Mr Ngai Leung Wai convicted of misleading the SFC
SFC, 27-Oct-2005
Ms Kong Kwok Yee convicted of misleading the SFC
SFC, 29-Sep-2005
Concentration warning
Company announcement, 30-May-2005
Ex-Semtech Chairman and three others charged for alleged corruption
ICAC, 22-Mar-2005
Nine arrested in graft probe over share placement of listed company
ICAC, 12-Jul-2004
SFC reprimands Mr Lau Chi Keung
SFC, 19-Nov-2002

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