Concentration warning in Yat Sing (3708)
SFC, 14-Jun-2017
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to the SFC on 14-Jan-2017 and a second one on 31-May-2017 when MSCI put it in their small-cap index. Now they should eject it. The top 21 holders have 90.06% of the company.
SFC warns market on CIFG (0412)
Following Webb-site's bubble warning on 26-Sep-2016, the SFC has conducted an ownership investigation. (13-Oct-2016)
MSCI reverses: Interchina will not join Small Cap Index after all
MSCI, 17-May-2002
MSCI Boils the Interchina Bubble
Oh dear - it seems like the index compilers in Geneva don't read - they have just put Interchina Holdings into the MSCI Small-cap Index, despite the clear warning from SFC investigations and our previous article that the stock has been cornered and ramped. Now this property stock is trading at over 7.5x net tangible assets instead of the discount to NTA it deserves. (16-May-2002)

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