Hui, Herbert Ho Ming 許浩明

3 charged with bribery over HK Resources (2882) restructuring and acquisition
ICAC, 1-Aug-2015
The unnamed Executive Director involved in the investigations, which have been ongoing since 2011, was former HKEx Head of Listing Mr Herbert Hui Ho-ming, who died on 30-Aug-2014.
Ever Fortune (0875): Executive Chairman Herbert Hui Ho-ming resigns due to "personal reasons"Further information
Company announcement, 24-Feb-2012
The further announcement on 29-Feb-2012 explains that he needed time to deal with the ICAC investigation against him.
Dynasty Wines (0828): INED Herbert Hui Ho-ming under ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 22-Feb-2012
CITC 21 CN (0241): INED Herbert Hui Ho-ming under ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 22-Feb-2012
HK Resources (2882): Kennedy Wong Ying-ho, Herbert Hui Ho-ming, Alex Chui Chuen-shun under ICAC investigation
Company announcement, 21-Feb-2012
Ocean Grand's Shipwreck
By popular request, we give our comments on the Ocean Grand debacle. The warning signs of bad governance or worse were there for years, but few picked up on them. We conduct a detailed autopsy, and find plenty of material for regulators and police investigators to get their teeth into. We also look at the characters involved with the companies and what this says about the state of battle for shareholder rights in HK. (31-Jul-2006)
MSCI Boils the Interchina Bubble
Oh dear - it seems like the index compilers in Geneva don't read - they have just put Interchina Holdings into the MSCI Small-cap Index, despite the clear warning from SFC investigations and our previous article that the stock has been cornered and ramped. Now this property stock is trading at over 7.5x net tangible assets instead of the discount to NTA it deserves. (16-May-2002)

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