SFC directs suspension of China DYF (0612)
SEHK, 8-Mar-2019
This follows a complaint by Webb-site to the SFC on 18-Feb-2019 and a Bloomberg article on 22-Feb-2019. This is a "Chapter 21" closed-end investment fund, trading at about 86x NAV. Such companies are exempt from the public float requirement of the Listing Rules, and the SFC has not issued any concentration warning on this stock. Consequently it has been admitted into various HSI and MSCI indices, exacerbating the bubble. It was due to enter the HSI Large and Mid-Cap Index at the close of business today.
Mysterious 8,500% stock gain attracts big funds (and big questions)
Bloomberg, 22-Feb-2019
Comment: this is a closed-end investment fund trading at 93 times its net asset value, rather than the normal discount that such funds attract. MSCI and HSI should know better than to include such funds in their indices, as they are not regular companies and are prohibited from participating in business management. They are also exempt from the public float requirements, which is probably why the SFC has not issued concentration warnings on such stocks, but it should do so anyway.
Concentration warning in Kingston (1031)
SFC, 29-Jan-2018
20 holders have 91.653% of the stock. Hang Seng Services Ltd included it in the Mid-cap Index as announced on 16-Aug-2017. Now they will have to remove it.
Total returns on the worst 5 HSI stocks you could've bought on 30-Oct-2007
With the HSI possibly soon to close at a daily record nominal high (ex-dividends), here's a look at the total return (including reinvestment of dividends) on the worst 5 then-index members you could have bought on 30-Oct-2007, the previous daily high. Esprit (0330) was the market darling of its time - rather like Tencent (0700) is today. Esprit has since returned -95.48% up to 12-Jan-2018. (15-Jan-2018)

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