HKSAR Financial Services Development Council

Belts and Burqas
Shortly before Christmas, the HK Financial Secretary announced the birth of the first Belt and Road bond in HK, the latest in a line of financial gimmicks designed to avoid meaningful regulatory reforms. (10-Jan-2018)
FSDC welcomes green bond issued by Link REIT
HK Government, 15-Jul-2016
Comment: this is a classic piece of greenwash. It is just a regular bond which will be part of Link REIT's overall capital resources. What next - a Sukuk? Will the next Link REIT building be both "green" and Sharia-compliant?
Cha 'regrets' slaves comment outcry
RTHK, 31-Oct-2014
Don't be a slave to reform, says finance figure
HK Standard, 30-Oct-2014
Laura Cha, HK Executive Councillor and delegate to the NPC, compares HK people to slaves in America, and gets her history on their voting rights hopelessly wrong too (clue: 15th Amendment, Laura). How charming. Sadly this is the person who is steering the Financial Services Development Council - and she worries about investor confidence being undermined. How ironic.
FSDC committee members - who they are
The Government's announcement on Friday of short names without their day-jobs left the public wondering who some of these people are. We have now obtained a list from Government which they should have published in the first place, so here it is. Webb-site Who's Who contains much more, of course. (8-Apr-2013)
The FSDC: under development
The Financial Services Development Council is apparently still under development itself. Confusion reigns over what form it will take, how it will be funded (if at all), and even the identity of persons appointed to it. We'll try to add some clarity. (24-Jan-2013)

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