Chan, Paul Mo Po 陳茂波

Observations on Next Digital (0282)
A Financial Inspector has not been appointed in HK since last century, before the SFC gained new powers under the SFO in 2003. Now, Financial Secretary Paul Chan, who will neither confirm nor deny plans to run for CE, is throwing this redundant tool at Next Digital. (28-Jul-2021)
SFC launches Govt welfare scheme for property tycoons
Well, not all tycoons, only larger ones. (10-May-2021)
The Budget and HK's Road to Serfdom
The so-called "Consumption Voucher" will probably become another cash handout, a total of HK$108bn over 2 years - but that's not the point. HK's budget has long since deviated from the Basic Law requirement to keep the budget in line with Gross Domestic Product over time, having expanded by over a quarter since the 1997 Handover. HK is becoming a tax-and-spend interventionist economy, departing from the free-market principles at the root of its success. (26-Feb-2021)
HK Financial Secretary's letter to SFC on National Security Law
SFC, 17-Jul-2020
This "Dear Ashley" letter was circulated to intermediaries by the SFC on Friday night but doesn't appear on its website, so now it appears on ours. Good to know that we remain free to opine that the mainland's centrally-planned, authoritarian, state-owned economy is unsustainable and will eventually change to a democratic, open, free-market economy and society to deliver the growth that its citizens expect.
HK employers must eat this free lunch
An economically illiterate leadership has decided to spray HK$80bn at HK's economy, benefitting employers who had no intention of making lay-offs, by paying the firms up to HK$54k per job. Some firms have even prospered during COVID-19. It's a wasteful way to return hoarded reserves to the economy, but all companies now have a legal duty to shareholders to eat this free lunch. They should resist any Government pressure to not collect it. (9-Apr-2020)
Webb on CNBC re HK budget
CNBC, 26-Feb-2020
Also discussing the economy, school closures in HK while Singapore's remain open, the HK$10k per voter handout ahead of the September LegCo elections, and the budget to promote the rule of law ahead of the proposed National Anthem Ordinance.
Belts and Burqas
Shortly before Christmas, the HK Financial Secretary announced the birth of the first Belt and Road bond in HK, the latest in a line of financial gimmicks designed to avoid meaningful regulatory reforms. (10-Jan-2018)
HK finance chief Paul Chan faces yet another court case over defaming children
South China Morning Post, 21-Aug-2017
Jonathan Lu, Caitlin Lu & Carl Lu v Paul Chan Mo Po & Frieda Hui
HK Court of Final Appeal, 21-Aug-2017
The plaintiffs are granted leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal, to be heard on 6-7 March 2018.
New team of Principal Officials appointed
HK Government, 21-Jun-2017
Jonathan Lu, Caitlin Lu & Carl Lu v Paul Chan Mo Po & Frieda Hui
HK Court of Appeal, 5-Apr-2017
Jonathan Lu, Caitlin Lu & Carl Lu v Paul Chan Mo Po & Frieda Hui
HK Court of Appeal, 23-Dec-2016
Jonathan Lu, Caitlin Lu & Carl Lu v Paul Chan Mo Po & Frieda Hui
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Oct-2015
Jury rules development chief Paul Chan and wife lose defamation case
South China Morning Post, 30-Sep-2014
Family seeks HK$9 million from Paul Chan and wife in school libel case
South China Morning Post, 20-Sep-2014
Paul Chan's accusations of exam cheating 'still hurt', student says
South China Morning Post, 13-Sep-2014
'Stress of Paul Chan's lies made twins anorexic'
South China Morning Post, 9-Sep-2014
Development chief's wife was intent on seeing pupils punished, court hears
South China Morning Post, 6-Sep-2014
Wife of development chief Paul Chan kept sending emails defaming teenage pupils, court hears
South China Morning Post, 5-Sep-2014
Jonathan Lu & others v Paul Chan Mo Po & Frieda Hui
HK Court of First Instance, 13-Feb-2014
Paul Chan's political aide Henry Ho quits over Kwu Tung new town controversy
South China Morning Post, 3-Aug-2013
Chan in-laws to sell 'hot property'
HK Standard, 25-Jul-2013
Jury trial for Chan libel case
HK Standard, 30-May-2013
SDEV's response to media enquiries
HK Government, 25-Jan-2013
No further action on film footage involving SDEV
HK Government, 25-Jan-2013
Buildings Department takes follow-up action on Flat A4, 4/F, Hoi Hing Building, Tai Kok Tsui, and 4/F, No. 136 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei
HK Government, 21-Aug-2012
Probe team denied entry
HK Standard, 2-Aug-2012
Statement by SDEV Paul Chan Mo Po
HK Government, 1-Aug-2012
Paul Chan Mo Po replaces Mak Chai Kwong as Secretary for Development
HK Government, 30-Jul-2012
Webb on "Backchat" re HK Budget
RTHK, 2-Feb-2012
Webb on 'Backchat' re HK tax & budget
RTHK, 23-Dec-2009

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