Belts and Burqas
Shortly before Christmas, the HK Financial Secretary announced the birth of the first Belt and Road bond in HK, the latest in a line of financial gimmicks designed to avoid meaningful regulatory reforms. (10-Jan-2018)
HK Government: our airport charges are 2nd-cheapest out of 55 international airports
HK Government, 18-Dec-2013
No wonder we are running out of capacity when it is so underpriced! And now they want us to pay for a third runway.
Webb-site opens airport slot data
HK needs a full debate about how we optimally allocate scarce resources, whether it is radio spectrum for mobile phones and broadcasting, or in this case, for takeoff and landing slots at HK's airport. To facilitate that debate, Webb-site is today decrypting the Civil Aviation Department's slot data and calling for it to be added to the Data.One government portal in a machine-readable format. (9-Sep-2013)
5 ventilation mechanics sentenced for bribery over employment at airport project
ICAC, 25-Jun-2010
Lo Ka Shui reappointed to Airport Authority, term extended to 8 years
HK Government, 13-May-2010

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