Silk Road Energy Services Group Limited 絲路能源服務集團有限公司

Censure of Hu Guo An, ex-ED of Future Bright Mining (2212)
SEHK, 30-Dec-2019
For dealing during the blackout period before the 2017 results. He's also an ED of Silk Road Energy Services (8250).
Pass the cyclotrons
Starting in the basement of St Teresa's Hospital, visiting the Science Park and analysing 12 years of transactions with some lucky disclosure on BVI owners, we follow the movements of 2 cyclotrons in and out of listed companies and show you where the money was made and lost. (11-Oct-2016)
GET (8100) buys Million Worldwide Investment Ltd for HK$20m
Company announcement, 11-Mar-2016
The BVI vendor is not named and nor is its owner. At least at 31-Dec-2013, the target was owned by Asset Management International Ltd, which is 60% owned by Town Health (3886) and 40% by Silk Road Energy Services (8250).
Jia Meng (8101) buys China Universal Ltd for HK$24m
Company announcement, 21-Apr-2015
Jia Meng doesn't say who the BVI vendor is or who owns that, but says the vendor is owned by an unnamed private company which in turn is 60% owned by an unnamed individual. We can tell you that China Universal at 31-Dec-2014 was 60% owned by Town Health (3886) and 40% owned by China Natural Investment (8250) via their JV, Asset Management International Ltd, so there appears to have been a change since then.
China Natural Inv (8250) subscribes 208 shares in Town Health Asset Management Ltd for HK$83mTown Health announcement
Company announcement, 30-Jun-2014
As a result, THAM is 60% owned by Town Health (3886) and 40% by CNI.
China Natural Inv (8250) subscribes 17 shares in Town Health Asset Management Ltd for HK$17mTown Health announcement
Company announcement, 16-May-2013
This increases its stake from 25% to 26.39% and implies a valuation of $917m on the joint venture. Town Health (3886) is reduced from 75% to 73.61%.
China Natural Inv (8250) injects Million Worldwide Investment Ltd into JV with Town Health (3886)Town Health announcement
Company announcement, 9-Sep-2012
Enquiry report on Core Healthcare Investment Jun-08 accounts
Financial Reporting Council, 18-Sep-2009
Censure of Core Healthcare and Vice Chairman Mr Wu Kai
SEHK, 25-Jun-2009
Market manipulator William Leung Kam Lai given suspended jail sentence
SFC, 12-Jun-2008
Allotment results and concentration warning
Company announcement, 16-Jun-2004

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