Pass the cyclotrons
Starting in the basement of St Teresa's Hospital, visiting the Science Park and analysing 12 years of transactions with some lucky disclosure on BVI owners, we follow the movements of 2 cyclotrons in and out of listed companies and show you where the money was made and lost. (11-Oct-2016)
Town Health (3886) buys 27% of FOMT for HK$32m in shares (6.9%) of Town HealthCircular
Company announcement, 1-Jun-2009
The business of generating isotopes for PET scans had a pre-tax profit margin of 85% in the year to 31-Mar-2008 and 73% in the 10 months to 31-Jan-2009, which suggests a lack of competition in the sector. St Teresa's Hospital has a 6% minority interest in the subsidiary, First Oriental Cyclotron Ltd, which has a cyclotron in the hospital basement.

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