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SFC issues restriction notices to two brokerages to freeze accounts of client involved in suspected corporate misconductRestriction Notices
SFC, 14-Aug-2020
There's no disclosure of the listed company involved. Our database records that both of the brokers acted as placing agents to companies in the "Enigma Network" up to 2016. The brokers are not under investigation, but an individual client is suspected of breaching his duties to a listed company. The Notices are remarkably brief, no longer referring to a "Statement of Reasons", which the SFC has stopped publishing anyway, probably because we kept figuring out the identities of persons involved. The "specified amount" involved is not disclosed either.
Power Securities Co Ltd v Checkley Sin Kwok Lam & others: costs
HK Court of First Instance, 11-Mar-2020
Power Securities Co Ltd v Checkley Sin Kwok Lam & others
HK Court of First Instance, 5-Dec-2019
Re: Best Year Enterprises Ltd - winding up
HK Court of First Instance, 24-Jun-2019
Power Securities Co Ltd v Best Year Enterprises Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 20-Jun-2019
The spectacular implosion of Dr. Cho's 'nefarious network'The Enigma Network
Bloomberg, 15-May-2019
Today is the 2nd anniversary of Webb-site's publication of the Enigma Network. So far, nobody has been charged with any offence, and no SFC action has been taken to bring in the liquidators to wind up any of the listed companies involved.
Enigma fallout: the social media fund
We piece together disclosures by 4 listed companies in the Enigma Network to reveal a pseudo-fund which held a single 55% stake in a social media company, posing new questions for the regulators. (28-Apr-2019)
Tai United 'unaffected by ICAC'
HK Standard, 26-Jul-2018
Former First Credit boss sues after discount sale
HK Standard, 25-Jul-2018
Jun Yang (0397) details and denies allegations in Convoy (1019) writ
Company announcement, 20-Dec-2017
Convoy sues 28 over fund transfers
HK Standard, 20-Dec-2017
Enigma member Jun Yang (0397) terminates Kenny Tang Sing Hing as MD of SFC-licensed subsidiaries
Company announcement, 12-Dec-2017
This is "in light of his unsatisfactory performance that is not aligned with the Group's plans to strengthen and expand the offerings of regulated activities by the Group". But Jun Yang is keeping him as Executive Director and Vice Chairman and as a director of the subsidiaries.
The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own
Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. (15-May-2017)
Jun Yang (0397) sells another 5% of solar company to GET (8100)
Company announcement, 1-Nov-2016
As a result, Jun Yang Solar Power Investment Holdings Ltd ceases to be a subsidiary of Jun Yang and is 35% owned by GET. The announcement reveals that an unnamed third party acquired 17.5% on 13-Oct-2016. We can tell you who it was though: IR Resources (8186).
Jun Yang (0397) buys property co from AMCO United (0630) for HK$56.5mAMCO announcement
Company announcement, 19-Oct-2016
AMCO purchased this on 6-Oct-2015 from GET (8100) for HK$62m.
IR Resources (8186) buys 17.5% of solar subsidiary of Jun Yang (0397)
Company announcement, 13-Oct-2016
IR Resources fails to name the vendor, but it later turns out to be Jun Yang (0397), which has cut its stake to 52.5%. GET Holdings (8100) owns the other 30%.
Pass the cyclotrons
Starting in the basement of St Teresa's Hospital, visiting the Science Park and analysing 12 years of transactions with some lucky disclosure on BVI owners, we follow the movements of 2 cyclotrons in and out of listed companies and show you where the money was made and lost. (11-Oct-2016)
Convoy (1019) accumulates 16.12% of First Credit (8215) for HK$198.9m
Company announcement, 27-Sep-2016
First Credit is also 19.84% owned by GET (8100), 9.65% by Jun Yang (0397) and 4.13% by Universe (1046). Convoy is 5.4% owned by GET and 9.93% owned by Jun Yang, and GET is 16.67% owned by Universe, amongst others in this network of companies that investors should avoid.
Jun Yang (0397) increases to 5.53% of China Green (0904)
Company announcement, 19-Sep-2016
Jun Yang (0397) increases to 3.72% of China Green (0904)
Company announcement, 12-Sep-2016
Jun Yang (0397) buys 1.80% of China Green (0904)
Company announcement, 6-Sep-2016
GET (8100) buys about 30% of solar subsidiary of Jun Yang (0397)Jun Yang announcement
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2016
Great Wall Pan Asia International Investment Co Ltd v Matthew Yeung Wing Yan
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Jun-2016
More information on the Hang Fat Ginseng (0911) stock collapse then you will find in company announcements.
Jun Yang Financial (0397) buys estate agency stake from WLS (8021)WLS announcement
Company announcement, 26-May-2016
Jun Yang Financial (0397) coughs up details of investments
Company announcement, 25-May-2016
Following a complaint by Webb-site to SEHK, Jun Yang reveals that at 31-Dec-2015, it held 9.93% of Convoy (1019), 4.99% of Town Health (3886) and 3.57% of Tech Pro Technology (3823), a bubble stock we warned you about last year.
Jun Yang Financial (0397) invests HK$507m in Convoy (1019)
Disclosure of interest, 20-Oct-2015
This will increase its stake from 1.15% to 9.93% after completion of the mega-placing by Convoy. That's a big chunk of the cash JYF raised in a mega-placing which completed last week.
Jun Yang Financial (0397) completes mega-placing, raises HK$1314mCCASS changes
Company announcement, 14-Oct-2015
Bubbles and troubles in Hong Kong
Pour yourself a coffee and digest this long article as we investigate several ongoing abusive "open offers" and placings as well as show you who's been making out in multi-billion-dollar bubbles. We call on regulators and rule-makers to take action. (24-Sep-2015)
CMGC (8081) completes mega-placingCCASS movements
Company announcement, 21-Aug-2015
We note that none of the shares appear in the CCASS account of the placing agent, Great Roc Capital Securities Ltd. The largest allocations go to CNI Securities, Astrum Capital Management and Jun Yang Securities.
Jun Yang Solar (0397) annual report reveals investments
Company filing, 23-Apr-2015
Note 24 on p113 shows that at 31-Dec-2014, it held 2.49% of Tech Pro Technology (3823) and 4.49% of Town Health (3886). We calculate those had a market value of HK$235m and HK$280m respectively.
Computech (8081) buys Luck Key Investment Ltd for HK$85mCircular
Company announcement, 16-Apr-2013
The vendors are China Gogreen (0397) for 47.89%, Town Health (3886) for 46.01% and Dr Bennet Fung Yiu Tong for 6.10%.
Town Health (3886) sells 46.01% of Luck Key to Computech (8081)
Company announcement, 16-Apr-2013
Town Health owns 7.01% of China Gogreen (0397), one of the other vendors.
China Gogreen (0397) sells 47.89% of Luck Key to Computech (8081)
Company announcement, 16-Apr-2013
Computech (8081) buys Funa Assets Ltd from China Gogreen (0397) for HK$40m
Company announcement, 22-Mar-2013
Town Health (3886) buys Dragon Oriental Investment Ltd for HK$43mChina Gogreen announcement
Company announcement, 4-Feb-2013
Town Health fails to say who owns the vendor. We can tell you it is China Gogreen (0397).
China Gogreen (0397) sells all its shares in Apollo (0566), buys start-up money-lenderCircular
Company announcement, 25-Sep-2012
In an unrelated circular dated 31-Oct-2012, the vendor of the money-lender was disclosed as one Wu Mei Chu.
China Gogreen (0397) subsidiary issues shares to Dr Bennet Fung Yiu Tong for HK$8.1mCircular
Company announcement, 5-Oct-2010
Prior to this, Luck Key Investment Ltd was owned 51% by China Gogreen and 49% by Town Health (3886), for whom Dr Fung works. As a result of the new issue, Luck Key will cease to be a subsidiary of China Gogreen and its transactions will no longer be subject to the Listing Rules.
Town Health (3886) circular on acquisition of minority interest in FOMT
Company circular, 5-Nov-2009
Town Health (3886) merges medical isotope business into subsidiary of HK Health Check (0397)HK Health Check circular
Company announcement, 15-Oct-2009
Town Health is swapping Health Walk Ltd for 49% of Luck Key Investment Ltd, which will be 51% owned by HK Health Check. Simultaneously, Health Walk is buying the remaining 22% of its subsidiary, FOMT, for HK$19m in new Town Health shares (4.49% of Town Health). The pre-tax profit margin of FOMT in the 2 years to 31-Mar-2009 s 85% and 67%, which suggests a lack of competition in the sector.
Town Health (3886) sells properties to HK Health Check (0397) for HK$38.5m
Company announcement, 28-Aug-2009
Recor Losses
Spare a thought for long-suffering shareholders of Recor Holdings. This company is now on its third controlling shareholder in two years, and original investors, who have seen their shares fall 94% since the 1993 IPO, have yet to receive a general offer. Mystery surrounds the ownership of two large blocks of shares, with the latest controller squeezing under the takeover threshold by purchasing 34.9% of the company at a premium. (17-May-1999)
Recor's propertyMain article

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