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Court of Final Appeal unanimously dismisses appeal by suspected overseas manipulators
SFC, 31-Oct-2023
As reported by Webb-site yesterday.
David Subotic & others v SFC
HK Court of Final Appeal, 30-Oct-2023
The appellants lose their final appeal on whether they can be served with a writ outside HK, in relation to alleged market manipulation of Ching Lee (3728) in 2016, when it was still on the GEM. Presumably the substantive case can now proceed.
SFC v Isidor Subotic & others
HK Court of Appeal, 30-Dec-2022
SFC v Isidor Subotic & others
HK Court of First Instance, 8-Nov-2021
SFC v Isidor Subotic & others
HK Court of First Instance, 23-Jul-2021
SFC obtains arrest warrants for fugitive alleged manipulators of shares of Ching Lee (3728)
SFC, 31-Aug-2020
SFC starts criminal prosecution for market manipulation of Ching Lee Holdings LtdPDF
SFC, 13-Aug-2020
SFC obtains injunctions, suspects pump & dump of Ching Lee (3728) in 2016
SFC, 27-Aug-2019
The stock subsequently moved from GEM to the Main Board on 18-Sep-2017. The alleged manipulative scheme was planned and commenced before the listing on 29-Mar-2016 and lasted until the bubble burst on 7-Sep-2016. We note that the listing was sponsored by Kingsway Capital Ltd and the joint bookrunner was SBI China Capital Financial Services Ltd. As announced upon listing, the top 5 placees had 82.50% and the top 10 had 98.83% of the placing.
Ching Lee (8318) allotments and concentration warningCCASS allocations
Company announcement, 24-Mar-2016

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