HKSAR Correctional Services Department

Justice is blind, except for haircuts
The Court of Appeal rules that a prison order requiring men to have short hair and allowing women to choose is not discriminatory, because of societal norms for haircuts. We find substantial flaws in this reasoning. We also find that the UK rule which HK inherited was amended by 1999 to remove the discrimination, something that Long Hair's lawyers appear to have overlooked. (1-May-2018)
CSD officer and former prisoner jailed for smuggling items into LCKRC
ICAC, 8-Nov-2017
Tsang Sin Sing supplied facial cleanser and lip balm to prisoner Wong Wai Leung. It was probably a face-saving exercise, but his lips are sealed.
CSD officer, prisoner and his girlfriend charged
ICAC, 24-Jul-2017
Apparently prisoner Mr Wong Wai Leung was in need of facial cleanser, gel mask and face cream - some sort of face-saving exercise, no doubt.

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