Chairman Yao Jianhui & others pledge 12.14% of China Goldjoy (1282) to Huarong Inv (2277)
Disclosure of interest, 29-Jan-2019
The shares were pledged by Mr Yao's wholly-owned Tinmark Development Ltd to Chelsea Manifest Fund, wholly-owned by Huarong Inv. Of the 3.14bn shares, 1.97bn were from Tinmark. The source of the others is unclear.
Huarong Intl (0993) lends HK$800m to controller of China Goldjoy (1282) secured on 28.44% stake
Company announcement, 8-Nov-2017
The Borrower, Tinmark Development Ltd, is owned by Mr Yao Jianhui, who must be the "Personal Guarantor". He is the Chairman and controlling shareholder of China Goldjoy. In October, Tinmark pledged 1.9bn shares (8.57%) to Huarong Investment (2277). Both the Huarongs are subsidiaries of China Huarong Asset Management (2799).
Huarong Inv (2277) subscribes US$62.3m of notes in somethingDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 18-Oct-2017
The issuer is a private HK company and there is a security over some shares in an unnamed listed company. From disclosures of interests, we see that the security is 1.9bn shares (8.57%) of China Goldjoy (1282). The "Security Provider" is probably Mr Yao Jianhui's 100%-owned company, Tinmark Development Ltd. We don't know who the borrower is.

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