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SFC fines Glory Sun Securities Ltd HK$1.2m, suspends current and former ROs
SFC, 15-Jul-2019
The firm is a partly-owned subsidiary of Glory Sun Financial (1282). The firm's controls were ineffective to prevent naked short-selling by an account executive, Hui Kwok Piu.
SFC suspends Hui Kwok Piu for 16 months for naked short selling
SFC, 15-Jul-2019
Chairman Yao Jianhui & others pledge 12.14% of China Goldjoy (1282) to Huarong Inv (2277)
Disclosure of interest, 29-Jan-2019
The shares were pledged by Mr Yao's wholly-owned Tinmark Development Ltd to Chelsea Manifest Fund, wholly-owned by Huarong Inv. Of the 3.14bn shares, 1.97bn were from Tinmark. The source of the others is unclear.
The Huarong-CMB network: 26 stocks not to own
In our first circuit diagram since the infamous Enigma Network, we examine the overlapping networks, bubbles and funding surrounding 26 HK-listed companies that your portfolio would probably do better without. (19-Oct-2018)
Breaking: SFC freezes up to HK$10.17bn of assets in 3 brokers
Webb-site has deduced that these are assets of Mr Yang Zhihui, missing Chairman and majority shareholder of Landing (0582), and that he is reasonably suspected of fraud causing losses of HK$10.17bn to China Huarong (2799), the ex-Chairman of which is under a corruption investigation in China. We also turn the spotlight on China Goldjoy (1282) which was an enthusiastic buyer of Landing at prices far higher than its Chairman paid beforehand. (1-Oct-2018)
Mr Hui Kwok Piu of China Goldjoy Securities convicted and fined for illegal short selling of Coslight (1043)
SFC, 26-Jul-2018
China Goldjoy (1282) to sell 28% of subsidiary to Pak Tak (2668)Pak Tak announcement
Company announcement, 3-Jun-2018
The subsidiary, Golden Affluent, holds 80% interests in China Goldjoy's financial services companies.
New Sports (0299) places shares with Ms Ai Qing, boosting her from 3.39% to 28.00%
Company announcement, 20-Mar-2018
We note that in Dec-2017, Ms Ai Qing subscribed for shares in China Goldjoy (1282), which has lent money to a substantial shareholder of New Sports.
China Goldjoy (1282) issues 2.857bn shares (11.04%) to 3 subscribers @$0.63
Company announcement, 3-Dec-2017
The issue raises HK$1.8bn. The subscribers via BVI companies are Ms Ai Qing, Mr Tang Hao and Mr Su Junhao. We know nothing about them.
Huarong Intl (0993) lends HK$800m to controller of China Goldjoy (1282) secured on 28.44% stake
Company announcement, 8-Nov-2017
The Borrower, Tinmark Development Ltd, is owned by Mr Yao Jianhui, who must be the "Personal Guarantor". He is the Chairman and controlling shareholder of China Goldjoy. In October, Tinmark pledged 1.9bn shares (8.57%) to Huarong Investment (2277). Both the Huarongs are subsidiaries of China Huarong Asset Management (2799).
China Goldjoy (1282) issues 862.068m shares (3.75% of enlarged) @$0.58 for cashCCASS movements
Company announcement, 25-Oct-2017
The BVI subscriber is said to be owned by Ms Teresa Jin. The Chinese announcement does not give a Chinese-character name for her, and we know nothing about her. The subscription raises HK$500m. Update: the shares were deposited into CCASS with China Goldjoy Securities Ltd on 29-Dec-2017, withdrawn on 9-Jan-2018, and deposited with ABCI Securities on 8-May-2018.
Huarong Inv (2277) subscribes US$62.3m of notes in somethingDisclosure of interest
Company announcement, 18-Oct-2017
The issuer is a private HK company and there is a security over some shares in an unnamed listed company. From disclosures of interests, we see that the security is 1.9bn shares (8.57%) of China Goldjoy (1282). The "Security Provider" is probably Mr Yao Jianhui's 100%-owned company, Tinmark Development Ltd. We don't know who the borrower is.
Pak Tak (2668) buys 10.66% of CVP Financial Holdings Ltd for HK$33mCompletion
Company announcement, 1-Aug-2017
The vendor is a subsidiary of an unnamed main board-listed company. We can tell you it is China Goldjoy Group Ltd (1282). CVP Financial is a subsidiary of an unnamed GEM-listed company. We can tell you it is Madison (8057). China Goldjoy injected $32m for the shares on 23-Feb-2017, alongside China Yinsheng Qiqiao Fund (advised by China Goldjoy Asset Management Ltd) which injected $8m. Together they provided all the HK$40m start-up capital in exchange for a 13.33% stake.
China Goldjoy (1282) subsidiary lends HK$300m to Amuse Peace Ltd
Company announcement, 16-Jun-2016
China Goldjoy fails to state who owns the borrower. It is Zhang Xiaodong, Chairman and CEO of New Sports (0299). He has personally guaranteed the loan, which is also secured on 2.75bn shares (17.90%) of New Sports with a value at current market price of HK$313.5m.
Great Wall Pan Asia International Investment Co Ltd v Matthew Yeung Wing Yan
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Jun-2016
More information on the Hang Fat Ginseng (0911) stock collapse then you will find in company announcements.
China Goldjoy (1282) adopts "securities investment" as a principal business activity
Company announcement, 11-Nov-2015
This will allow it to sink shareholders' funds into stocks, claiming this is "ordinary business" and exempt from the disclosure and approval requirements of the Listing Rules.

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