Competition Commission to preserve cartel profits at container terminal
HK Competition Commission, 12-Aug-2020
Almost anything arriving by sea for the HK market lands at the 23 berths (96%) operated by the cartel. Rather than require competition, the CC would allow the 2 operators and 4 owners to lock in margins via price-fixing indexed at 2019 levels. The CC says "the price and margin trends... suggest limited competitive pressure on the Parties from outside Kwai Tsing". HK consumers pay for this, and there's no requirement to publish the accounts which show those margins. How disgraceful. It's becoming the Anti-Competition Commission.
HPH Trust is no loss to HK
Singapore has invested over US$5bn in Hutchison's ports, so it is not surprising that HPH is listing there. We look at the other incentives, and the governance concerns for the Business Trust structure. We also ask why China Resources Enterprise (291) has not disclosed the outcome of its profit-sharing after CRH flipped its port stakes to HPH. (21-Jan-2011)

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