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Competition Commission to preserve cartel profits at container terminal
HK Competition Commission, 12-Aug-2020
Almost anything arriving by sea for the HK market lands at the 23 berths (96%) operated by the cartel. Rather than require competition, the CC would allow the 2 operators and 4 owners to lock in margins via price-fixing indexed at 2019 levels. The CC says "the price and margin trends... suggest limited competitive pressure on the Parties from outside Kwai Tsing". HK consumers pay for this, and there's no requirement to publish the accounts which show those margins. How disgraceful. It's becoming the Anti-Competition Commission.
LCQ on Ocean Terminal lot of Wharf (0004)
HK Government, 20-Jun-2012
Secretary for Justice v Times Square Limited
HK Court of First Instance, 18-Feb-2011
Family trio jailed for $12m rip-off
HK Standard, 30-Mar-2010
Ex-Wharf manger jailed for fraud
RTHK, 29-Mar-2010
Wharf & Wheelock v Lau Yuen How & others
HK Court of First Instance, 21-Jan-2010
HKSAR v Warren Wong Kwok Wang
HK Court of Final Appeal, 14-May-2009
Wharf & Wheelock see recovery of allegedly stolen funds
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Jan-2009
The paid advert opposing the blackout rule
With links to the signatories in Webb-site Who's Who. (29-Dec-2008)
Four hotel staff jailed for bribery over referral of guests to tailor shop
ICAC, 9-Oct-2008
Eleven charged for alleged bribery over referral of hotel guests to tailor
ICAC, 23-Jun-2008
HKSAR v Warren Wong Kwok Wang
HK Court of Appeal, 9-May-2008
HKSAR v Warren Wong Kwok Wang
HK Court of Appeal, 20-Mar-2008
Former Wharf exec jailed for graft
HK Standard, 15-Jan-2005
Wharf top manager found guilty of seeking bribes
HK Standard, 13-Jan-2005
Jury dismissed in trial of Wharf executive
HK Standard, 22-Oct-2004
Jury ready for former Wharf chief
HK Standard, 21-Oct-2004
AGM results
Company web site, 30-May-2003
Wharf voting advice
The 22nd AGM in Project Poll, and we urge investors to vote against the issue mandate. After all, we don't mandate boards to buy back shares from chosen shareholders at a premium to market price, so why should they be allowed to issue shares to chosen shareholders at a discount? (20-May-2003)
Listed company executives arrested for alleged bribery over construction projects
ICAC, 12-Dec-2002
Perfect Treasure buys Wharf's Sichuan Cable TV
Local camera distributor Perfect Treasure has just bought 70% of Artland International, which has a 50% stake in a cable TV business in Sichuan province. What they didn't mention was that Artland was once 70% owned by Wharf, controlling shareholder of recently floated i-Cable Communications. (25-Jan-2000)
i-Cable Payday
By popular request, we give you our views on i-Cable Communications, the Wharf spin-off which is set to begin trading on Wednesday 24-Nov. (23-Nov-1999)
Third Time Lucky for Harbour Centre?
Just days after denying any intentions, Wharf now says it is considering privatising Harbour Centre Development. Wharf hopes this is third time lucky - we take a look at the previous failed attempts, and reveal some information on Harbour Centre's investment portfolio. (20-Jul-1999)

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