Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Company Limited 亞太絲路投資有限公司

China prosecutors order arrest of 4 ex-executives at Huarong for bribery
Reuters, 22-Jan-2019
Webb-site notes that 2 of them, Bai Tianhui and Guo Jintong, were successively chairmen at Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Co Ltd (0767) between 7-Sep-2017 and 10-Jul-2018, with Guo taking over from Bai on 2-Feb-2018. The firm is a P2P lending business and is 55% owned by Huarong Financial Services Asset Management L.P., although there is a huge mandatory convertible note held by the person who sold that business to ASPR.
Questions on Teamway (1239) and a bit of soccer
An HKEX decision last week led us to discover an inflated acquisition that looks like a cash extraction exercise, possibly to cover an earlier outlay of "earnest money". A sudden surge in profits of the acquired consultancy coincides with a Chinese takeover of troubled soccer team A.C. Milan, or Rossonori, which prints more red ink than black, and a deeply-subordinated loan to its Chairman. (22-Oct-2017)
SFC bans and fines Lam Chun Yin & Yeung Chok Cheong, ex-Huarong Intl Securities
SFC, 10-Aug-2016
Focus Media Network (8112) buys 80% of Cornerstone Securities Ltd from Pacific Plywood (0767)
Company announcement, 8-Aug-2016
SFC suspends Mr Ng Kwok Wing for 6 weeks after naked short-selling conviction
SFC, 4-Mar-2013
Broker Ng Kwok Wing convicted of illegal short selling
SFC, 25-Oct-2012
Pacific Plywood (0767) grants options over CBs in China Env Energy (0986) to Mr Jiang Jianhui
Company announcement, 12-Oct-2012
Breach of Listing Agreement
Company announcement, 22-Apr-2002

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