Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Limited 香港商品交易所有限公司

HKSAR v Barry Cheung Chun Yuen
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Sep-2015
Deeper probe of HKMEx boss urged
HK Standard, 23-Oct-2013
Accused cuts deal in HKMEx case
HK Standard, 22-Oct-2013
SFC & Police: we love each other very much
SFC, 29-May-2013
SFC's withdrawal of HKMEx ATS authorisation
HK Gazette, 24-May-2013
Webb on "Backchat" re HKMEx
RTHK, 23-May-2013
Barry Cheung takes leave of absence from public service positions
HK Government, 21-May-2013
He follows in the footsteps of Henry Fan, who by coincidence also chaired the Standing Committee on Disciplined Services Salaries and Conditions of Service (the policy pay committee) until he took "leave of absence" back on 28-Oct-2008 during the SFC's CITIC Pacific investigation. No charges have been laid in that case, which the police were also investigating. Plus ca change...
Police investigate case referred by SFC
HK Police, 21-May-2013
So, how many 55-year old men surnamed Dai (not Cheung) do we know, and what is their connection to HKMEx?
SFC statement on HKMEx
SFC, 21-May-2013
SFC investigates "serious suspected irregularities", refers "certain matters" to Commercial Crime Bureau.
HKMEx surrenders its ATS authorization
SFC, 18-May-2013
HKMEx "voluntarily" surrenders its ATS authorization
Company media release, 18-May-2013
Will the Government's Cyberport be looking for a new tenant soon?
The HK government claims to be exporting its Cyberport "know how" to New Zealand. All citizens should know how interventionist this office, hotel, retail and cinema project was. It should now be sold off, perhaps as a REIT. Meanwhile, Government should rethink the Murray Building plan. Sell it to the highest bid, allow redevelopment, and don't restrict it to hotel use, which may be sub-optimal. Another Government-owned hotel would represent further intervention. (8-Nov-2009)
HKMEx chief faces critics
HK Standard, 7-Jul-2008

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