Susan Brown Clift v HK Cyberport Management Co Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 6-Jan-2020
The widow of Mark Owen Clift, who was COO at the Cyberport when he died in 2017 of dilated cardiomyopathy, is claiming under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance that his death was caused by emotional stress from two previous slip-and-fall accidents at the property.
Hong Kong's not-so-free economy
The US-based Heritage Foundation has, as always, ranked HK as the freest economy in the World. For once, the Government doesn't accuse foreign forces of interfering in HK's internal affairs. But this rosy view is not held by those who take the time to study the domestic economy. Here are a few things that Heritage may have overlooked. (4-Feb-2018)
Duo in court for alleged HK$400k Cyberport video production contracts fraud
ICAC, 5-Nov-2015
Computer & Tech (0046) becomes a HK Government tenant
Company announcement, 12-Jun-2014
The Cyberport will surely save them some rent - which they can add to the special distribution of surplus cash that we are all waiting for with increasing impatience (your editor owns over 5%). Meanwhile they still haven't sold the offices in Westlands Centre, Quarry Bay, that they left in 1999.
PCPD details Cyberport dispute with government
Company announcement, 23-May-2010
Comment: readers will recall we criticised this interventionist property project, announced by Donald Tsang in his 1999 budget and awarded to Richard Li without tender. Now it turns out that they left a loophole in the definition of "deficit" in the agreements - PCPD says it excludes depreciation, while the Government says it doesn't. The difference: about HK$1.2bn of taxpayer's money.
The HK government claims to be exporting its Cyberport "know how" to New Zealand. All citizens should know how interventionist this office, hotel, retail and cinema project was. It should now be sold off, perhaps as a REIT. Meanwhile, Government should rethink the Murray Building plan. Sell it to the highest bid, allow redevelopment, and don't restrict it to hotel use, which may be sub-optimal. Another Government-owned hotel would represent further intervention. (8-Nov-2009)
Government 'sanitizes' LegCo Cyber Report
In a test of the flimsy Code on Access to Information, Webb-site.com has been quietly battling to obtain the Cyberport accounts. We can now reveal that the Government has "sanitized" the financial information it recently released to LegCo. We call on Legislators to establish a Select Committee to investigate this controversial, untendered project and force disclosure of all the documents. If Government is serious about collusion with the business sector, or preventing it, then they should co-operate. (7-Feb-2005)
Cyberport Secrets
Government-owned Hong Kong Cyberport Development Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries were incorporated in December 1999, but refuse to publish any of their accounts. What is the Government trying to hide? We also take a look at the controversial West Kowloon project, the winner of which will be determined by Government in a highly subjective process. (24-Oct-2004)
Two recent votes in Legco approved funding for the Cyberport's basic infrastructure, after a meeting between the government and 10 leading developers who had raised objections to the deal. Webb-site.com has learned that the Government has appointed Morgan Stanley to advise it in relation to the project. Rumours are circulating that a Government announcement is expected in the next few days. We make a prediction of what they will say... (9-Jun-1999)
Kroll investigates our Cyberport coverage
In a development with startling implications for press freedom in Hong Kong, Webb-site.com discovers that leading private-eye Kroll has been investigating our critical coverage of the Cyberport, for an unknown client, as part of a wider on-going project. If negative journalistic criticism of a Hong Kong corporate project gets investigated in this way, then what does that say about the future of Hong Kong as a media centre, and indeed an e-portal, for Asia? Is this "press freedom with Hong Kong characteristics?" (27-May-1999)
Pacific Century CyberWok
Will punters never learn? Tricom's deal with Pacific Century Group may be exciting, but it might be safer to rename the vehicle Pacific Century CyberWok, for the effect it will have on people who bought the shares yesterday! (5-May-1999)
Cyber Villas by the Sea
A critical analysis of the Government's proposed joint venture property development with Pacific Century Group. The author finds the project space is 75% residential. (22-Mar-1999)

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