Cheung, Kenneth Chi Shing 張志誠

Listing Appeals Committee censures Styland and certain directors
SEHK, 24-Oct-2012
10 years after a series of articles on Webb-site put the spotlight on this firm and its people, the Stock Exchange disciplinary process limps to a conclusion, having been overtaken by SFC action in the courts.
Styland (0211): re SFC petition
Company announcement, 7-Mar-2012
Former chairman and executive director ordered to pay HK$85 million compensation to Styland
SFC, 7-Mar-2012
This is a major win for the SFC, and comes almost 10 years after Webb-site first blew the whistle on what we called the "Styland Network" in a series of articles rather like the current "Raking Muck" series. Let's hope the SFC follows up on some of our later pieces, and that the defendants actually pay up. They are also ordered to pay interest at 1% over HSBC's prime rate. The bulk of the award dates back to 2000, so interest will be substantial
SFC v Kenneth Cheung Chi Shing & others
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Mar-2012
The judge at last issues a judgment, 14 months after the hearing.
New Times Energy Corp Ltd v Chan Koon Wa & others
HK Court of First Instance, 12-Feb-2010
Ever-long Capital Ltd v Rich Delta Development Ltd & Mak Chi Yeung
HK Court of First Instance, 27-Nov-2008
SFC seeks suspension, disqualification orders against Chairman, former and current executives of Styland Holdings
SFC, 9-Sep-2008
Jinlin Sun & Wen Lin (on behalf of Styland) v Kenneth Cheung Chi-shing & others
HK Court of First Instance, 13-Oct-2003
HKSAR v Kevin Lee Kwok Wing
HK Court of Appeal, 26-Jun-2001

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