SFC v Kenneth Cheung Chi Shing & others
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Mar-2012
The judge at last issues a judgment, 14 months after the hearing.
SFC seeks suspension, disqualification orders against Chairman, former and current executives of Styland Holdings
SFC, 9-Sep-2008
SFC secures first disqualification of director for misconduct - Mr Yick Chong San
SFC, 30-May-2007
SFC v Yick Chong San
HK Court of First Instance, 30-May-2007
Cancellation of Listing
Company announcement, 17-Oct-2005
Toxic IPOs in HK
In this epic article, we take you through the IPOs of at least 14 listed companies, 3 of which have already led to criminal charges. We explain the inter-relationships between the companies, sponsors, lead managers, auditors and the INEDs. Before you buy another IPO, stop and read this article. (21-Mar-2005)
SFC conducts inquiries into certain matters of the Group
Company announcement, 12-Aug-2003
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 19.33 & 20.24
Company announcement, 4-Mar-2003
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 18.03 & 18.49
Company announcement, 20-Sep-2002
StyNet, Part 3: Riverhill
In Part 3 of our series on the Styland network, we look at Riverhill, a stock in which Styland and Digital World made early acquisitions at stratospheric prices. Riverhill's turnover collapsed after the IPO, which was based on a 9-project track record, part of which was sub-contracted and part of which came from a company sold to Digital World for a similarly stratospheric price. (8-Aug-2002)
StyNet, Part 2: Asia's Inworld City
Continuing our series on the Styland network, we take you through the wheeling and dealing surrounding Inworld, most of whose flimsy track record came from companies in the network - including Digital World, Rainbow, Renren, Riverhill and Styland itself. You will also see an incredible set of pre-IPO transactions in the stock. Is Hong Kong really Asia's World City? (24-Jul-2002)
StyNet, Part 1: Digital Mess
In the first of a series of articles, we'll take you through a labyrinth of transactions involving a motley collection of GEM listings, including Inworld, International Capital Network, Rainbow and Riverhill, two bombed-out main board stocks - Digital World and renren, and a company at the centre of the network, Styland. We kick off with a detailed study of Digital World and its dealings. (21-Jul-2002)
Breach of GEM Listing Rules
Company announcement, 15-Mar-2002
Allotment results and concentration Warning
Company announcement, 29-May-2001

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