Wu, Fred Fong 胡晃

China Public Procurement
In part 4 of our series on a network of companies, we cover China Public Procurement (1094) which has a long string of over-priced acquisitions from often-anonymous vendors, "earnest money" deposits for deals which don't happen, issues of unlisted warrants and shares for no obvious reason, and gaps in disclsoure. If you own this stock, get out while you can. (3-Jul-2009)
Yanion's Rotten Onion
In the first of two stories, we peel away the layers of the onion that is Yanion, and we don't like what we find. You will see a series of questionable acquisitions at exorbitant prices, at least two of them involving the same "independent third party", followed by legal disputes, a disclaimed audit opinion, replacement of auditors, and massive write-offs. (23-Jun-2003)

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