China Fortune (0290) completes sale of Excalibur Securities Ltd
Company announcement, 20-Jan-2011
That took 15 months - presumably due to regulatory clearance. The owner of the BVI purchaser was not disclosed. Update: 4 days after this announcement, the broker changed its name to "Delta Wealth Securities Limited".
China Fortune (0290) to sell Excalibur Securities Ltd for NAV+HK$5mCircular
Company announcement, 22-Oct-2009
CF also releases Mr Lao Chio Kuan, the original vendor, from his profit guarantees in relation to ESL. The owner of the purchaser is not disclosed.
China Public Procurement
In part 4 of our series on a network of companies, we cover China Public Procurement (1094) which has a long string of over-priced acquisitions from often-anonymous vendors, "earnest money" deposits for deals which don't happen, issues of unlisted warrants and shares for no obvious reason, and gaps in disclsoure. If you own this stock, get out while you can. (3-Jul-2009)
Skin in the game
In part 3 of a series, we look at the often calamitous IPOs produced by B M Intelligence and its conversion into China Bio-med Regeneration Technology, involving a huge mark-up on the acquisition. We also cover an international organisation run out of a cobbler's shop in Las Vegas, and the recent changes of ownership in CBRT, including a CPPC member who is a big fan of the PLA. (23-Jun-2009)
Byford bubble
Investors should beware of a bubble in Byford (8272), which boasts two celebrity shareholders - New World Development's Cheng Yu Tung and Angela Leong, a wife of casino tycoon Stanley Ho. Both apparently paid 186x net asset value for the shares. (1-Jun-2009)
China Fortune (0290) to buy remaining 49% of Excalibur Securities Ltd & Excalibur Futures Ltd and 70% of AMS Capital LtdCircular
Company announcement, 16-Mar-2009
SFC suspends Mr Michael Ko Hay Tat for 7 months for secret account
SFC, 28-Aug-2007
SFC suspends Ms Chow Yin Ling for 4 months for secret account
SFC, 30-Mar-2007
SFC prosecutes Michael Ko Hay Tat for naked short selling MAE (0851)
SFC, 29-Jun-2006
SFC prosecutes Ms Chow Yin Ling for naked short selling
SFC, 22-Jun-2006

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