Shadbolt, Brett Arthur

Raking muck, Part 3
We now connect Joseph Lau to Executive Talent, and focus on a series of dubious transactions by Hycomm and the bubble in its stock while it did the coal mine hokey cokey, from which bubble Joseph Lau has profited hugely. We also look at the creation of Inno-Tech and the youngest infant mortality on GEM, Codebank. (5-Mar-2012)
Ocean Grand's Shipwreck
By popular request, we give our comments on the Ocean Grand debacle. The warning signs of bad governance or worse were there for years, but few picked up on them. We conduct a detailed autopsy, and find plenty of material for regulators and police investigators to get their teeth into. We also look at the characters involved with the companies and what this says about the state of battle for shareholder rights in HK. (31-Jul-2006)
Yanion's Rotten Onion
In the first of two stories, we peel away the layers of the onion that is Yanion, and we don't like what we find. You will see a series of questionable acquisitions at exorbitant prices, at least two of them involving the same "independent third party", followed by legal disputes, a disclaimed audit opinion, replacement of auditors, and massive write-offs. (23-Jun-2003)

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