Lau Reimer, Mary Jean 劉翁靜晶

Mary Jean Reimer Lau v Ting Wai Monastery Ltd
HK Court of First Instance, 27-Nov-2017
The troubled monastery is ordered to be wound up.
HKICPA bans Andrew Lai Ka Cheung for 1 year
HKICPA, 19-Jul-2017
The reasons reveal that the client to which he had given a clean audit for 6 years was Ting Wai Monastery Ltd, which hit the news in 2015 when the chief nun Sik Chi Ding (aka Lung Yan Roy) was alleged by a director, Mary Jean Reimer, to have mismanaged funds and to have married two mainland monks to get them residency in HK.
Chief nun and mainland Chinese monk arrested amid claims of marriage scam and embezzlement in Hong Kong monastery probe
South China Morning Post, 14-Oct-2015
Bad faith: director accuses chief nun of 'sham marriage, embezzlement' in Hong Kong monastery
South China Morning Post, 13-Oct-2015
Ex-trainee disagrees with Lam's account of events
HK Standard, 4-Apr-2006
Sex, scars and soured affairs
HK Standard, 1-Apr-2006
Woman denies connection to knife attack on lawyer
South China Morning Post, 1-Apr-2006
ICAC misinformed judges, court hears
HK Standard, 31-Mar-2006
Conspiracy four trial starts
HK Standard, 28-Feb-2006
Inquest jury rules lawyer's death fall accidental
South China Morning Post, 30-May-2002
Lawyer 'a victim of false gossip'
South China Morning Post, 29-May-2002
Death-fall inquest hears last words
South China Morning Post, 28-May-2002
Lawyer's colleagues shocked by fatal fall
South China Morning Post, 6-Nov-2001

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