Egan, Kevin Barry H

Flora Lam Yan Fong v Ng Pak Zing
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Sep-2018
Frankie Chung Cheong Kuen banned for 10 years
Law Society of HK, 13-Sep-2017
For conspiracy to pervert the course of justice between 11-17 Jul-2004 and for perjury in an application for a writ of habeas corpus on 14-Jul-2004. At the time, he was a clerk at C.K. Mok & Co. This relates back to the Semtech case, in which he was granted prosecution immunity from charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice in attempting to extract Becky Wong Pui See from the ICAC.
HKSAR v Kevin Egan & Andrew Lam: costs
HK Court of Final Appeal, 16-Nov-2010
'ICAC killers' cleared
HK Standard, 29-Jun-2010
HKSAR v Kevin Egan; Mandy Chui & Andrew Lam v HKSAR
HK Court of Final Appeal, 28-Jun-2010
Secretary for Justice v Kevin Barry Egan
HK Court of Appeal, 23-Oct-2009
The Semtech saga
In this side story to Part 3, we look at the scandals which surrounded Sino-Tech International Holdings Ltd in 2004, the subsequent convictions, possible options abuse and the missing deposit on a failed Vietnamese chromium mining project. (23-Jun-2009)
Secretary for Justice v Derek Kanjanapas (aka Wong) Chong Kwong & others
HK Court of Appeal, 21-May-2009
Lawyer Egan wins appeal in witness leak case
HK Standard, 13-Feb-2009
HKSAR v Derek Wong (aka Kanjanapas) Chong-kwong, Mandy Chui Man-si, Andrew Lam Ping-Cheung & Kevin Barry Egan
HK Court of Appeal, 12-Feb-2009
Kevin Egan's appeal was granted by a 2:1 majority. Convictions of Andrew Lam Ping-cheung (by 2:1 majority), Mandy Chui Man-si and fugitive Derek Kanjanapas Wong Chong Kwong were upheld.
Eric Edward Hotung v Winnie Ho Yuen Ki & others
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Dec-2008
Egan free on bail pending court appeal
HK Standard, 2-Aug-2006
Egan jailed for 30 months in witness ruling
HK Standard, 17-Jun-2006
Court fight with defense ends with judge revoking Egan bail
HK Standard, 16-Jun-2006
Solicitor, barrister and two others jailed for plot over ICAC protected witness
ICAC, 16-Jun-2006
Lam masterminded plot in ICAC case, says judge
HK Standard, 15-Jun-2006
Another night in custody as Lam's fate undecided
HK Standard, 14-Jun-2006
HKSAR v Derek Wong (Kanjanapas) Chong Kwong & others
HK District Court, 14-Jun-2006
Legal duo were thorns in side of ICAC for years
HK Standard, 13-Jun-2006
Solicitor, barrister and two others guilty of plot over ICAC protected witness
ICAC, 12-Jun-2006
Reporter 'urged to blame Egan'
HK Standard, 19-May-2006
ICAC hatched 'sinister' plot to get at lawyers
HK Standard, 18-May-2006
ICAC acted like a judge, court hears
HK Standard, 17-May-2006
'Mistrust, bad blood' caused trial
HK Standard, 16-May-2006
Egan names 'telephone terrorist'
HK Standard, 12-May-2006
Egan's mixed emotions at arrest
HK Standard, 11-May-2006
No conspiracy to influence witness, Egan tells court
HK Standard, 10-May-2006
Egan, Lam have case to answer
HK Standard, 9-May-2006
'Goal posts moved' in ICAC trial, court hears
HK Standard, 5-May-2006
Egan lawyer hits out at `silly' conspiracy claim
HK Standard, 4-May-2006
Lam's counsel brands ICAC actions 'sinister'
HK Standard, 3-May-2006
A case of pure 'speculation'
HK Standard, 29-Apr-2006
Phone calls row continues as case reaches 'half time'
HK Standard, 28-Apr-2006
ICAC recalls remarks by reporter in witness row
HK Standard, 27-Apr-2006
ICAC coaching officers to tackle questions, court told
HK Standard, 26-Apr-2006
Ex-ICAC chief denies exit linked to lawyer case
HK Standard, 25-Apr-2006
Graftbuster accused of lying about phone record
HK Standard, 22-Apr-2006
Graftbuster puts blame on colleague
HK Standard, 21-Apr-2006
Top ICAC officer denies allegations of cover-up
HK Standard, 20-Apr-2006
Top ICAC woman accused
HK Standard, 19-Apr-2006
ICAC hid vital facts, court told
HK Standard, 14-Apr-2006
Witness left in the dark, court hears
HK Standard, 13-Apr-2006
ICAC officer hid facts, court told
HK Standard, 12-Apr-2006
ICAC told Egan he could act as he saw fit, court hears
HK Standard, 11-Apr-2006
ICAC trial witness questioned over car gift 'reward'
HK Standard, 5-Apr-2006
Ex-trainee disagrees with Lam's account of events
HK Standard, 4-Apr-2006
ICAC misinformed judges, court hears
HK Standard, 31-Mar-2006
SCMP immunity 'unprecedented'
HK Standard, 30-Mar-2006
Paper struck ICAC deal, hearing told
HK Standard, 29-Mar-2006
Egan leaked witness name, says reporter
HK Standard, 28-Mar-2006
'Walter Mitty' witness gorged on porn
HK Standard, 25-Mar-2006
ICAC witness a 'Bond fantasist'
HK Standard, 24-Mar-2006
Lawyer 'aimed to pervert' justice
HK Standard, 23-Mar-2006
Lawyer backs Egan over gag
HK Standard, 21-Mar-2006
No recall of Egan court talk
HK Standard, 16-Mar-2006
Barrister `treated like a ball'
HK Standard, 15-Mar-2006
Witness sorry to see Egan on trial
HK Standard, 14-Mar-2006
ICAC witness wanted to escape, clerk tells court
HK Standard, 11-Mar-2006
Secretary wanted to 'escape ICAC'
South China Morning Post, 11-Mar-2006
Witness cites misunderstanding
HK Standard, 10-Mar-2006
Witness denies detention claims
HK Standard, 9-Mar-2006
Witness 'unaware' of legal status
HK Standard, 8-Mar-2006
Secret calls sparked off confusion
HK Standard, 7-Mar-2006
Secretary admits making secret phone call
HK Standard, 4-Mar-2006
I didn't call for help, says witness
HK Standard, 3-Mar-2006
Crucial telephone material was destroyed, trial told
HK Standard, 2-Mar-2006
Egan admits sneak preview
HK Standard, 1-Mar-2006
Conspiracy four trial starts
HK Standard, 28-Feb-2006
Case against legal pair adjourned
HK Standard, 21-Feb-2006
ICAC bugged conversations of solicitor, judge told
HK Standard, 2-Apr-2005
Four accused of perverting justice over corruption investigation have case transferred to District Court
ICAC, 11-Mar-2005
Egan charged with revealing ICAC witness name
HK Standard, 4-Mar-2005
Four face ICAC charges for allegedly perverting justice over corruption investigation
ICAC, 3-Mar-2005
Re "W": Application for a writ of habeus corpus
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Sep-2004
Response statement
ICAC, 24-Jul-2004
The Queen v Alick Au Shui Yuen
HK Court of Appeal, 29-Sep-1993
The Queen v Kevin Barry Egan
HK Court of First Instance, 12-Jan-1993
Kevin Barry Egan v ICAC
HK Court of Appeal, 14-Mar-1991
Kevin Barry Egan v ICAC
HK Court of First Instance, 8-Jan-1991

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