Chan, Ceajer Ka Keung 陳家強

Government cites Webb-site board stats without attribution
The Government has cited statistics from Webb-site Who's Who without attribution, instead attributing them to SEHK. You're welcome. (25-Mar-2015)
SFST Ceajer Chan Ka Keung begins visit to democratic countries
HK Government, 2-Dec-2014
The HKICS blackout study
In a side-piece to our story on the Listing Committee, we look at the flaws in the study commissioned by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries after they opposed the backout extension, from none other than the brother of the Secretary for Financial Services, whose bureau lobbied to overturn the rule. (8-Jun-2009)
Minister supported MTRC fare autonomy
The new Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, and hence a director of MTRC, Professor K.C. Chan, has stated his support for fare autonomy, something worth billions of dollars to MTRC shareholders, which the Government is now trying to take away for no payment in return. (31-Aug-2007)
Duncan Wong Pui Hey v SFC
SFAT, 8-Oct-2003

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