HKSAR Executive Council 香港特別行政區行政會議

HK employers must eat this free lunch
An economically illiterate leadership has decided to spray HK$80bn at HK's economy, benefitting employers who had no intention of making lay-offs, by paying the firms up to HK$54k per job. Some firms have even prospered during COVID-19. It's a wasteful way to return hoarded reserves to the economy, but all companies now have a legal duty to shareholders to eat this free lunch. They should resist any Government pressure to not collect it. (9-Apr-2020)
Concerns grow for endangered species at Fanling
The natural habitat of the lesser-spotted Hong Kong golfer is at risk. (26-Sep-2018)
Tang planned to quit for free speech sake
HK Standard, 22-Mar-2012
Exco disclosure may cost Tang
HK Standard, 21-Mar-2012
Statement by ExCoThe Oaths and Declarations Ordinance, Schedule 2
HK Government, 20-Mar-2012
Either Henry Tang was lying about What C Y Leung said in ExCo, or Henry Tang has breached the Oath of Fidelity taken by Executive Councillors not to reveal the proceedings of ExCo meetings.
Henry Fan takes leave from Executive Council and MPFA during CITIC Pacific investigation
HK Government, 24-Oct-2008
Comment: What about his other public positions? He chairs the Standing Committee on Disciplined Services Salaries and Conditions of Service and the Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals. He is a member of the Standing Committee on Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service, the Advisory Committee on Post-office Employment for Former Chief Executives and Politically Appointed Officials, and the HKMA's Exchange Fund Advisory Committee.
David Li Kwok Po resigns from Executive Council
HK Government, 16-Feb-2008
Letter to Donald Tsang editor David Webb has written to Hong Kong's Chief Executive with the results of our opinion poll on whether David Li Kwok Po should leave the Executive Council. (15-Feb-2008)
Webb on "Backchat" re David Li resignation campaign
RTHK, 12-Feb-2008
Resign, Mr Li
Early today HK time, avoiding local press coverage, the US SEC announced David Li's HK$63.2m settlement of charges of insider tipping in the Dow Jones case. We call on him to do the honourable thing and resign as a member of Hong Kong's cabinet and legislature. (6-Feb-2008)
People losing US citizenship in quarter to 30-Jun-2005
US Federal Register, 28-Nov-2006
We note that the list includes Bernard Charnwut Chan, also known as Bernard Chan Chi Sze, President of Asia Financial (0662) who became a member of the HKSAR Executive Council on 12-Oct-2004, which does not permit overseas right of abode. Records show that he became a US citizen on 26-Jul-1989, less than 2 months after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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