Tsang, Roy Chi Wai 曾志偉

Accountants fined HK$380k for bad audits of China Environmental Resources (1130)
HKICPA, 7-May-2018
By comparison, the total audit and other fees on this account for the 2 years, 2011 and 2012 were HK$2.099m.
HKICPA disciplines Victor Leung Kam Man & WB CPA Ltd
HKICPA, 21-Jan-2016
HKICPA fines Louis Tang Wai Hung, Chow Chi Kit & W.H. Tang & Partners CPA Ltd
HKICPA, 30-Dec-2014
This concerns Celebrate (8212), an acquisition circular and its annual audit for 30-Jun-2010. This is the 2nd sanction in a year against Mr Tang and his firm. The panel calls them "serious breaches" and fines them HK$50k each. Seriously? Another reason why the HKICPA should stop self-regulating. Celebrate paid the firm audit fees of HK$2.7m that year, so the fine is trivial. A ban on practising for a prolonged period would be more meaningful.

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