Ho, Angela Man Kay 何文琪

HKICPA bans Mr Chung Chi Hang for 12 months
HKICPA, 18-Mar-2021
HKICPA bans Ms Wong On Yee for 1 year, fines her and CWC CPA Ltd HK$200k jointly
HKICPA, 12-Oct-2020
For bad audit work on W. Falcon Asset Management (Asia) Ltd, which was window-dressing its liquid capital SFC filings. We note that she was once an INED and Chair of the audit committee of Inno-Tech (8202) which featured often in our articles.
HKICPA fines Alan Hu Chiu Lun HK$30k and bans him for 22 months for professional misconduct
HKICPA, 13-Mar-2020
Amongst other things, he backdated audit working papers to paper over his deficiencies.
HKICPA bans Constant Mo Kong Fung for 2 years and fines him HK$80k
HKICPA, 26-Jul-2019
For audit deficiencies and for creating new working papers after the audit report date and making false statements to the Practice Reviewer, all of which he admits.
Accountants fined HK$380k for bad audits of China Environmental Resources (1130)
HKICPA, 7-May-2018
By comparison, the total audit and other fees on this account for the 2 years, 2011 and 2012 were HK$2.099m.
Angela Ho & Associates v Phyllis Kwong Ka Yin
HK Court of Appeal, 25-Mar-2015
Angela Ho & Associates v Phyllis Kwong Ka Yin
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Dec-2014
Paragraph 42 and 48: "Since there is evidence before the court to show that Ms Kwong's firm has made contingency fee agreements with the ultimate clients, I consider it my duty to report the matter to the Law Society..."
Ocean Grand's Shipwreck
By popular request, we give our comments on the Ocean Grand debacle. The warning signs of bad governance or worse were there for years, but few picked up on them. We conduct a detailed autopsy, and find plenty of material for regulators and police investigators to get their teeth into. We also look at the characters involved with the companies and what this says about the state of battle for shareholder rights in HK. (31-Jul-2006)

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