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Accountants fined HK$380k for bad audits of China Environmental Resources (1130)
HKICPA, 7-May-2018
By comparison, the total audit and other fees on this account for the 2 years, 2011 and 2012 were HK$2.099m.
Student Member Chan Wone Yee banned after conviction for fake reference letter
HKICPA, 10-Jul-2017
HKICPA fines Eliza Yuen Suk Ching & Clement Leung Tai Keung HK$70k & $50k respectively
HKICPA, 7-Oct-2016
This relates to the 2012 accounts of China Investment Development (0204). HLM & Co has now incorporated as HLM CPA Ltd.
HKICPA bans Arthur Lam Kin Kun for 12 months
HKICPA, 12-Aug-2016
HKICPA fines 3 members/directors of Birmingham (2309) HK$1k each
HKICPA, 6-Oct-2015
This is a follow-on action from a SEHK Listing Committee sanction over 3 years ago.
Alex So Yin Wai fined HK$20k by HKICPA
HKICPA, 8-Sep-2015
For turning a blind eye to a HK$3.7m bounced check deposited on the year-end date of Crowning Engineering Ltd, an "Approved Contractor" under the HK Public Works Department. This helped dress up its working capital when applying for renewal. Mr So is an INED of Green Energy Group (0979). So far (16-Sep), that company has failed to announce the sanction as required by Listing Rule 13.51(2)(h), or why he should continue to chair its audit committee. His fee there last year was HK$120k, or 6 times the pathetic penalty meted out by the HKICPA.
Ms Mak Wai Man fined HK$25k+costs by HKICPA for exaggerating CV
HKICPA, 31-Aug-2015
Unusually, the complaint came not from the HKICPA but from a member, Gilbert Cho Kui Keung. The media release states that the complaint was made under s34(1AAA). That's an indirect way of saying that after the Council decided not to refer the complaint to the Disciplinary Panels, he forced them to do so using this section. Well done Mr Cho and shame on the HKICPA - once again demonstrating why self-regulation doesn't work.
HKICPA bans Francis Lam Chi Ming and Lee Ho Yee for 2 years, reprimands KL CPA LtdWebb-site Total Return
HKICPA, 22-Jan-2015
This concerns the 31-Mar-2010 audit of Code Agriculture (8153), which has so far been the only HK-listed audit client of the firm. We warned investors about that company on 25-May-2010. The stock has returned -82.19% since then. Mr Lam is also the company secretary of China Aluminium Cans (6898).
HKICPA disciplines Ms Poon Kin Ying and JBPB & Co. (then Grant Thornton) over 2007 audit of Kiu Hung (0381)
HKICPA, 18-Nov-2013

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