Wong, Jolly Chun Kau 黃振球

Police Chief Telecommunications Engineer sentenced for HK$1.9m housing allowance fiddle
ICAC, 15-Mar-2018
Police Chief Telecommunications Engineer admits deceiving government of HK$1.9m housing loan and allowances
ICAC, 12-Feb-2018
It turns out that his wife received a low-interest housing loan from her employer, a bank, therefor Mr Wong was ineligible for this benefit, and under the perverse logic of civil service, he should have been paid less than someone in the same position who was not married.
The wrong way to pay civil servants
A new ICAC case reminds us that the Government and public sector get bad value for taxpayers and lose good people by paying time-limited benefits that are based on irrelevant factors rather than the value of their services. Scrap all the benefits schemes and pay people what they are worth. At the same time, remove the housing loophole from salaries tax, raise personal allowances and bring down the tax rate to compensate. (13-Jan-2018)

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