Hong Kong Police Force

Police Station Sergeant charged with soliciting and accepting over HK$420k unauthorised loans from ex-colleagues and perversion
ICAC, 10-May-2022
Policewoman admits soliciting and accepting over HK$1m unauthorised loans
ICAC, 6-May-2022
4 police officers charged with MIPO over drug trafficking investigation
ICAC, 14-Apr-2022
Police Constable charged as bribery probe reveals illegal betting with bookmaker
ICAC, 9-Feb-2022
Ex-Superintendent of Police jailed for fraud over HK$6m housing and mortgage loans
ICAC, 29-Nov-2021
Ex-Police Sergeant jailed for accepting HK$216k unauthorised loans
ICAC, 25-Oct-2021
Police Sergeant charged with accepting HK$500k bribe over triad's debt collection information
ICAC, 30-Jun-2021
Policeman volunteering for DC member charged with soliciting rewards for handling dispute
ICAC, 28-Jun-2021
HK Journalists Association & others vs Commissioner of Police
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Nov-2020
The court declares: “The Government of the HKSAR is under a duty, pursuant to Article 3 of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, to establish and maintain an independent mechanism capable of conducting effective investigation into complaints of suspected ill-treatment by police officers in contravention of Article 3 of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, and that the existing complaints mechanism involving the Complaints Against the Police Office, with oversight by the Independent Police Complaints Council, is inadequate to discharge this obligation."
SFC statement on Police investigation concerning Next Digital (0282) shares
SFC, 11-Sep-2020
Our rough translation: "The Police are off piste, out of their depth and we haven't heard from them". This comes a day after the Police conducted a press conference about the arrests without having charged anyone, alleging market manipulation.
Non-dispersable gatherings
We hereby "sternly clarify" that the Police and Secretary for Justice are wrong to claim that groups of 4 standing more than 1.5 metres apart constitute a single gathering if they have a common purpose. The Group Gathering Regulation allows for multiple, non-dispersable gatherings and contain no reference to the purpose of participants. We also show how to optimise use of available space. (28-Apr-2020)
Judge takes aim at comments by Vice Premier
In continuing the injunction against doxxing with an exception for legitimate news activity, Justice Russell Coleman makes interesting comments on the role of the judiciary and the need for a political solution to the social unrest, which is beyond the scope of the courts. (11-Nov-2019)
Drill & musketry Sergeant Au Chi Wai charged with bribery, MIPO and deception
ICAC, 25-Oct-2019
He allegedly conned 30 police trainees out of HK$250k. Perhaps the most shocking thing is that they are still teaching musketry.
Police constable charged with HK$160k loans fraud and perversion
ICAC, 16-Sep-2019
Where can one protest if not near MTR stations?
Police have banned a protest march on HK Island on Sunday, partly because it goes near several MTR stations. Of course, the whole point of Mass Transit is to take people near urban areas. This image shows what a 500 metre no-protest zone around stations on the MTR Island line would look like. (13-Sep-2019)
MTR videos are not Personal Data under PDPO
The MTRC and Police are hiding behind a "personal data" excuse for not releasing videos of the incident in Prince Edward Station on 31-Aug-2019. The law on this is clear: if the video doesn't name the subjects, then it isn't personal data. So said the Court of Appeal in 2000. HK badly needs a Freedom of Information law. (10-Sep-2019)
Senior Police Constable charged with HK$83k loan fraud against 6 of his junior constables in Sham Shui Po.
ICAC, 28-Aug-2019
Police Superintendent and 2 others admit bribery over operation of private clubs
ICAC, 27-Sep-2018
Police Chief Telecommunications Engineer sentenced for HK$1.9m housing allowance fiddle
ICAC, 15-Mar-2018
Policemen and businessman jailed for conspiracy to commit MIPO over murder case
ICAC, 14-Feb-2018
Police Chief Telecommunications Engineer admits deceiving government of HK$1.9m housing loan and allowances
ICAC, 12-Feb-2018
It turns out that his wife received a low-interest housing loan from her employer, a bank, therefor Mr Wong was ineligible for this benefit, and under the perverse logic of civil service, he should have been paid less than someone in the same position who was not married.
Policemen and businessman guilty of conspiracy to commit MIPO over murder case
ICAC, 31-Jan-2018
The wrong way to pay civil servants
A new ICAC case reminds us that the Government and public sector get bad value for taxpayers and lose good people by paying time-limited benefits that are based on irrelevant factors rather than the value of their services. Scrap all the benefits schemes and pay people what they are worth. At the same time, remove the housing loophole from salaries tax, raise personal allowances and bring down the tax rate to compensate. (13-Jan-2018)
Sham Wing Kan v Commissioner of Police
HK Court of First Instance, 27-Oct-2017
The court rules that the content of an arrested person's mobile phone or similar device can be subject to a warrantless search but only in exigent circumstances.
Police Superintendent and 2 Wan Chai private club operators charged
ICAC, 24-Oct-2017
Police Sergeant charged with misconduct over massage parlours
ICAC, 20-Oct-2017
Policewoman admits HK$110k loans fraud
ICAC, 28-Aug-2017
Policewoman in court for HK$135k loans fraud
ICAC, 8-May-2017
Danway Lo Kwok Kuen v HKSARG
HK Court of Appeal, 25-Apr-2017
Mr Lo wins his appeal. After a disciplinary case, he was "compulsorily retired" from the Police in 1999 and subsequently lost a judicial review and was bankrupted after failing to pay costs. 13 years later, he reached the pension age of 55 and the Government tried to deduct 25% of his benefits to settle the outstanding debt of $520k. The CoA rules that there was no secured debt and , having been discharged from bankruptcy, the debt is extinguished and he is entitled to his full pension.
12, including a Police Superintendent, arrested on suspicion of nightclub kickbacks
ICAC, 25-Jan-2017
A superintendent normally commands a Headquarters Unit or Police Division, so this is serious stuff.
Policemen charged with MIPO over murder case while businessman faces offence of aiding and abetting
ICAC, 20-Dec-2016
Policeman charged with perversion over traffic offence
ICAC, 22-Apr-2016
Police Sergeant & woman jailed for misconduct and bribery
ICAC, 24-Mar-2016
Police sergeant and gambling den operator guilty of misconduct and bribery
ICAC, 23-Mar-2016
Ex-policeman gets two years for misconduct, perjury and perversion
ICAC, 7-Dec-2015
Ex-policeman admits misconduct, perjury and perversion
ICAC, 30-Nov-2015
Police Sergeant gets 14 months for HK$130k bribery and fraud
ICAC, 7-Sep-2015
Police Sergeant admits HK$130k bribery and fraud
ICAC, 25-Aug-2015
Ex-policeman charged with misconduct, perjury and perversion
ICAC, 24-Jul-2015
Policeman in court for alleged perversion
ICAC, 10-Jun-2015
Businessman charged with bribing policeman
ICAC, 22-May-2015
Police Sergeant faces court for HK$170k unauthorised loans and fraud
ICAC, 15-May-2015
Policeman gets 14 months for bribery and misconduct
ICAC, 27-Mar-2015
Police Sergeant and two others in court for alleged bribery and operating gambling den
ICAC, 28-Nov-2014
Police arrest seven police officers for assault occasioning actual bodily harmVideo
HK Government, 26-Nov-2014
Note: it says "arrested". No charges have been laid, 42 days after the 15-Oct-2014 beating. Victim Ken Tsang Kin Chiu did not turn up at an identification parade - but then it is rather unlikely that he would be able to recognise the people who carried him, horizontally face down, to a dark place where they beat him up.
Policeman gets 15 months for leakage of confidential information
ICAC, 18-Nov-2014
Police officers caught beating up handcuffed protester reassigned
RTHK, 15-Oct-2014
Well that'll teach them - beat up a protester, get a new beat. Surely the usual "resolute" action calls for suspension and criminal charges to be brought.
Policeman guilty of misconduct over leakage of confidential information
ICAC, 16-Sep-2014
Policeman charged with selling information
ICAC, 16-Jul-2014
Policeman charged for alleged misconduct over leakage of confidential information
ICAC, 24-Mar-2014
Police Sergeant gets 3 years for soliciting and accepting advantages from subordinate
ICAC, 27-Jan-2014
Police station sergeant guilty of soliciting and accepting advantages from subordinate
ICAC, 23-Jan-2014
Policeman penalised for failure to comply with POBO notice
ICAC, 20-Jan-2014
Policeman in court over failure to comply with POBO notice
ICAC, 19-Sep-2013
Police Sergeant charged with soliciting and accepting advantages from subordinate
ICAC, 29-Jul-2013
Police Superintendent guilty of misconduct over liquor licence application
ICAC, 23-May-2013
Superintendent of Police arrested and charged with misconduct over liquor licence application
ICAC, 15-Jun-2012
Man gets 15 months for bribery over murder probe
ICAC, 22-May-2012
Ex-cop on run for murder case bribe
HK Standard, 30-Dec-2011
Police Sergeant jailed for misconduct in handling suspected drug-trafficking case
ICAC, 11-Oct-2011
Police Sergeant faces court over unauthorised loans
ICAC, 28-Sep-2011
A policeman of the same name, age and rank was charged in February with misconduct over handling of a suspected drug trafficking case.
Ex Senior Inspector of Police jailed for aiding drug trafficker
ICAC, 20-Sep-2011
Ex Senior Inspector of Police guilty of aiding drug trafficker
ICAC, 15-Sep-2011
Policeman gets nine months for misconduct
ICAC, 31-Mar-2011
Police Sergeant and four others jailed for drug trafficking
ICAC, 22-Mar-2011
Police Sergeant charged with misconduct over suspected drug trafficking case
ICAC, 16-Feb-2011
Senior Inspector of Police charged with aiding drug trafficker in manufacturing 'ice'
ICAC, 6-Jan-2011
So is he the one who put the "ice" in "police"? He has a previous conviction for selling information, misconduct in public office, to which he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 11 months in jail.
Two policemen and 11 pawnshop staff face court for bribery
ICAC, 17-Nov-2010
Policeman faces court for alleged misconduct and forgery
ICAC, 10-Nov-2010
Police constable and nurse charged with handling stolen police uniform
ICAC, 15-Jun-2010
Senior cop jailed over cash-for-info scheme
HK Standard, 8-Jun-2010
Senior police inspector gets 11 months for misconduct in public office
ICAC, 7-Jun-2010
Senior Police Inspector admits misconduct in public office
ICAC, 4-Jun-2010
Police sergeant and two others charged with drug trafficking
ICAC, 27-May-2010
Policeman charged with swindling HK$90k and perverting the course of justice
ICAC, 25-Feb-2010
Graft agents accuse senior cop of abusing his power
HK Standard, 29-Jan-2010
Senior inspector charged with misconduct in public office
ICAC, 28-Jan-2010
Police Sergeant gets six months for misconduct in public office
ICAC, 6-Aug-2009
Danway Lo Kwok Kuen v Commissioner of Police
HK Court of First Instance, 30-Sep-1999

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