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HKICPA permanently removes Deborah Annells, convicted thief and fraudster
HKICPA, 5-Mar-2019
Comment: The findings were made on 13-Feb-2018 and the sanctions determined on 15-Nov-2018 but only now announced. A right of appeal does not justify keeping these secret. The HKICPA lacks the transparency expected of a regulator. The committee criticises the HKICPA for failing to simplify matters by amending its case on the basis of Ms Annells' convictions, and for sloppy bundles.
Deborah Annells saga reveals regulatory incompetence
HowardWinnReports, 19-Jul-2016
An excellent write-up of this case from Howard Winn.
HKSAR v Deborah Annells: reasons for sentence
HK Court of First Instance, 11-Jul-2016
The convicted thief and fraudster gets 9 years. She was earlier convicted of perverting the course of public justice, and the combined sentence is 10 years and 6 months. She could be released under supervision after 5 years and 3 months, including any time served.

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